10 Female qualities that men are crazy about

10 Female qualities that men are crazy about

Psychologists believe that having developed these qualities in themselves, women can make sure that the men they like are not only interested in them, but also fall in love.

Over the past hundred years, ideas about what men value in women have changed significantly, but something remains unshakable.

Psychologists believe that having developed these qualities in themselves, women can make sure that the men they like are not only interested in them, but also fall in love.

1. External data
Here scientists disagree: someone believes that the similarity with his mother is important, while others – the proportions of the face and figure, and so on. With confidence, they only claim that any men attach great importance to their appearance and what impression a woman makes. But attractiveness is far from everything; with the help of appearance, a man cannot be kept for a long time. To maintain interest and develop relationships, personality traits and character will be needed.

2. Men need respect
A man will be especially pleased if a woman talks about his merits to relatives, friends, and acquaintances. They prefer not to hear about their shortcomings or failures, and their mention in public will generally lead to serious troubles. It is very important for the stronger sex to know that they are valued, respected, and shared. For this, a woman must be able to listen to her partner.

Support is important even for the most successful men. Everyone wants to know that behind the back there is a reliable rear, a companion who always “plays in the same team”, will support and encourage in any case. Of course, in life together one cannot do without criticism, but one should more carefully approach the choice of expressions and the dosage of negative statements. And it is best to end on positive notes, so that after communication, the man finds inspiration, and does not completely stop all attempts to do something.

4. Love of compliments
Men love to be admired. Some of them even need nice words and compliments. Maybe because they are so rarely told to them? They need to be praised, and repeated as often as possible, that they are the smartest, magnanimous, strong, purposeful, and of course, the most beautiful!

5. Manifestations of tenderness
Men do well without a huge number of calls and messages, they even annoy them, especially when they are during working hours. But “hugs”, gentle touches, and kisses are very welcome.

6. Sincere thanks
Men like to do something good for their women, but they will expect appreciation in return. Taking his actions for granted will be discouraging. And the ability to sincerely thank even for a trifle will cause pleasure and a desire to do new things.

7. Be interesting
Friendship is at the core of a long-term relationship. In order to live happily ever after with a person, one must be able to communicate “on the same wavelength”, so that it would be interesting to talk, and there was no shame in front of relatives and friends. Of course, few people will like it if a woman is much smarter, and she emphasizes this in every possible way, but you will have to keep abreast of events in his sphere of interests if relations with him are dear.

8. Personal boundaries
You should not completely immerse yourself in a man’s life and live only with his problems and interests, as well as spend all your free time together. Men, like women, need some independence and the opportunity to devote some of their time to themselves. The balance of relationships in each family is different. But, most experts agree that it is better to slightly “underdone” than to strangle with love and torment with jealousy. This will destroy even the strongest and most affectionate relationships.

9. Not only sex
Constantly proving that they are tough males is peculiar only to adolescents. Successful men owe nothing to anyone. The girls’ notions that men “only need one thing” have long been outdated. No less than physical intimacy, men are interested in a quiet haven where they can relax, understanding and warmth.

10. Ability to cook
Delicious aromas help to create coziness and comfort in a home environment. All men love homemade food and appreciate women who can cook something more complicated than scrambled eggs and sausages with pasta. Plus, they just love it when women cook diligently for them, whether it’s a culinary masterpiece or a casual dinner.

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