10 Habits of healthy people, which we used to neglect

10 Habits of healthy people, which we used to neglect

Do you admire people in good physical shape? Then follow their example and work on yourself!

Lara Hudson, a professional Pilates instructor, found 10 habits of people who care about their health and keep their bodies in shape. “When it comes to why I get up at five in the morning and go for a run,” says Lara, “why I go to yoga and not to lunch, why I always find time to work on myself, I don’t think about it. I’m just doing it. ”

So today we offer you to get acquainted with the habits of people in good physical shape in order to become a better version of yourself.

1. They believe that movement is a duty

People in good physical shape understand how important it is to move. Exercise can be tiring, but if your slogan is “Do it or leave it,” you will always choose the latter. Make sure that the short-term discomfort caused by strenuous training will give excellent results in the future. Remember how important it is to force yourself to move constantly. No matter how busy you are, you can always find time to train.

2. They plan their workouts

They plan not only important meetings but also their training. If for some reason they miss at least one lesson, they will definitely be able to make up for it. Life is unpredictable, but it should not apply to the training regime. Planning is the key to making exercise a habit. And when something becomes a habit, you get down to business without even thinking.

3. They are stable in nature

People in good physical shape can boast of discipline. They are future-oriented and understand that the results do not come immediately, it is necessary to constantly and consistently go to the goal. Stability of character means that they work hard even when the goal of training looms somewhere far away.

4. They cannot be called volatile

Many people due to inconsistency can not train themselves to train regularly, very often do not complete training or jump from one sport to another without doing any properly. And then they wonder why they did not achieve the planned results. Those who keep in good shape always complete the workout.

5. They do not need to brag

People in good physical shape do not need praise from others. They do not brag about the number of pounds lost or how many push-ups they can do. Good health, toned skin, a healthy body, and a cheerful mood are worthy rewards for hard and persistent work on yourself.

6. They know that it is important to train not only the body but also the mind

The connection between mind and body is very strong. Like Olympic athletes, people in good physical shape analyze their workouts and try to improve them every day. Do you admire the people you see in the gym? They look like this because they train not only the body but also the mind.

7. They rise with the sun

People in good physical shape train in the morning. Early awakenings help them focus on other goals, succeed in daily tasks, burn more calories. When you get up with the sun, you are united with the birth of a new day, and it fills you with energy and inspiration.

8. They love food

Healthy people never go on diets. They eat properly, avoiding food that can harm the body. They deal with stress through exercise, not “bite” it. Healthy people get pleasure from eating, realizing that it is a precious gift for the body and soul.

9. They do not forget about a good night’s sleep

Lack of sleep provokes a slowdown in metabolism, impairs mood, and the ability to think clearly. During physical exercise, people “burn” stress and negative emotions that so often interfere with sleep. If a healthy person has had a hard day, she will take a hot bath or do yoga to relieve stress. People in good physical shape understand that rest is no less important than exercise.

10. They reward themselves

They can afford to have a drink at a party and lightly eat on holidays. Life is boring without it! But people in good shape have one feature: instead of rewarding themselves with food for their efforts, healthy people reward themselves with impressions.

How about a massage or outdoor recreation on the weekends? This is a worthy reward for hard work on weekdays. Go to a beauty salon instead of buying ice cream.

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