10 life hacks when staying at the hotel

10 Tricks of staying in hotels, which experienced tourists are in no hurry to share even with friends.

1. Does your hotel room not have a bottle opener? Check the door, you may be able to turn such a trick.

2. Does the hotel not have toothbrush cups? Take a paper cup and pierce as shown. That way he won’t rollover.

3. No problem, if the hotel does not have a bedside table, a simple fold in the sheets can come in handy.

4. If the curtains in the hotel room do not close completely, check the closet, you may find a hanger with clamps.

5. Need a nice, safe place to store your cash during tours? An empty tube of glue to help you.

6. Do you want to pack things that crumble easily? Plastic file folders are a cheap and effective way.

7. If the plane does not have TVs, the crumpled jar from the gas station can be an alternative to the stand for your smartphone.

8. If the bottle is easily unscrewed, wrap its neck with a bag and twist it to prevent natural disasters in your suitcase.

9. If the hotel room does not have a refrigerator, ask for an ice bucket and fill the sink.

10. Do you always forget the charger in the hotel? Connect the car keys to the charger – you literally can’t leave the hotel without it.

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