10 Main fears of man

10 Main fears of man

One way or another, we are all afraid to show our feelings and emotions in different ways in front of others. However, for some this fear becomes obsessive and turns into a phobia.

10. Fear of old age.

Fear is quite rare in young people and often occurs in middle-aged women, as well as in incapable men over 50.

And this fear is quite understandable, because at the biological level, a woman’s task is to give birth and raise children, and a man’s task is to reproduce offspring and provide the family with food and security.

9. Fear of being poisoned.

This fear is independent and often does not correlate with other phobias. And all because it usually affects people with an intuitive type of thinking. And such, according to various estimates, no more than 5% of the total population of the globe. For example, Stalin had such a fear. This is confirmed by various sources.

One way or another, this fear is often unconscious and it is manifested, according to all observations, only in people with a high level of intuitive thinking.

8. Fear of appearing a coward.

Purely masculine fear, which is sometimes felt by young people who, oddly enough, have an innate sense of responsibility for other people. It is these people who carry the true core of the manager and have an innate charisma. Many women also experience it. Therefore, such fear even helps both men and women to be on a horse at certain moments, and at the same time does not allow to relax when it is necessary.

7. Verminophobia (fear of bacteria and microorganisms).

You have probably met or heard in your life about people who wash their hands dozens of times a day, do house cleaning several times a day, can not touch many harmless objects, and all because they are afraid of getting some “dangerous” virus.

This fear usually affects people with high logical intelligence. Often they are talented engineers, economists, lawyers. For example, the famous American inventor, director, and millionaire Howard Hughes suffered from this phobia. Later, this phobia turns into an obsessive-compulsive disorder, which further makes a person hostage to their own fears.

6. Fear of going crazy.

Quite a specific fear and persistent, but it is felt only by those who think in abstract terms. Often these are people who are trying to know the spiritual world, to know the universe, to study religions, philosophy, physics. These are people who can give birth to a brilliant idea, even if it seems a little crazy.

Many poets, classical, and rock musicians felt the fear of madness, but at the same time tried to explore themselves and the universe through various drugs and psychedelics, such as LSD, sage, and more.

5. Fear of intimacy.

Fear that occurs not only in 16-year-olds, but also in fully grown 40-year-old men, and sometimes women. Surprisingly, this fear is endowed with people who have increased libido compared to everyone else. People with this fear often have developed systemic thinking. These are people for whom home comfort, a favorite book, and the kitchen are constant companions of life. But when it comes to intimacy, they feel uncomfortable, awkward, and afraid of something new. Men are often afraid of failure or afraid of being ridiculed. Women are also afraid that they may be hurt or betrayed, offended.

4. Fear of spiders, rats, cockroaches, snakes, planes, monsters, demons, mirrors, computer monitors off, high heels.

All these fears are united by one point due to the fact that the root of these fears is one – the underdevelopment of the figurative type of thinking in those who have innate figurative intelligence. Such fears and phobias are possessed by people with innate figurative thinking. These are the so-called sensual natures: actors, artists, models, and so on. That is, those who think with images and emotions.

3. Sociophobia (fear of public speaking), agoraphobia (fear of open spaces).

One way or another, we are all afraid to show our feelings and emotions in different ways in front of others. However, for some this fear becomes obsessive and turns into a phobia. And suffer from these fears, mostly people with figurative and systemic types of thinking. If the former is innate creative natures for which being in the center of attention is a necessary thing, but only as a result of certain peculiarities of perception does this fear of the stage or open spaces appear, then for the latter it is rather the fear of being incompetent, ridiculous, stupid.

2. Fear of death (acrophobia, hematophobia, etc.).

Inherent in anxious and distrustful people with a figurative type of thinking. Such people are the main carriers of fear of death and other similar phobias: fear of closed spaces, fear of blood, fear of heights, fear of the dead, fear of pain, fear of rape, and others.

1. Fear of Loneliness.

Even people with autism, which is characterized by complete isolation and antisocial behavior, can deeply fear complete loneliness. At the heart of this fear is that everyone strives to be happy. But because humans are primarily “social animals,” we can feel right now only by being and being realized in society. To be incomprehensible, unrecognized, abandoned, rejected is such a reality that frightens rather than allows you to enjoy.

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