10 Micro-habits that will improve life in 10 days

10 Micro-habits that will improve life in 10 days

Everyone knows that it takes 21 days to develop good habits, but micro habits in just 10 can help change your everyday life for the better.

And here are 10 simple and really important ideas that everyone should pay attention to.

1. Learn to say no more. Think about your time and learn to refuse. He gives you a lot of suggestions every day, but sometimes you have to say no. Set priorities and discard the superfluous. Don’t take something that isn’t very pleasant just because your friends or colleagues suggest it.

2. Keep a diary. Even if you are not given writing, this is not a reason to give up diaries. Try to write down everything that comes to mind: business plans, ideas, and just thoughts to improve your life. This will stimulate your mind to look for something new. In addition, diaries help to get rid of stress.

3. Sit in silence. This may sound strange, but an ordinary person has about 6,200 thoughts every day, or 258 thoughts every hour. To calm your mind, you should spend at least 5-10 minutes a day in silence. Meditation is ideal for this. It will be difficult to get rid of thoughts at first, but later you will stop controlling them and feel calm.

4. Don’t react to everything. Most people react to things that create difficulties for them. But it is much better to take a step back, think and respond appropriately. For example, shouting at someone who is shouting at you is not the best idea. Therefore, it is better to think about your answer first.

5. Take action. Mell Robbin in her book The Rule of 5 Seconds talks about how to take action on things that take less than 5 minutes. Need to reply to an email? Do it. Do you have an amazing idea? Write it down.

6. Read a lot. Daily reading for an hour or at least 30 minutes will allow you to grow personally, professionally, and financially. If you can’t read, you can choose audiobooks to your liking.

7. Observe your behavior. Don’t blame yourself for doing this at some point. It is better to identify patterns, analyze the situation and understand how to act next time.

8. Stop complaining and start doing. You do not need to enroll in courses to earn more. You have the internet and the equipment to do it at home. watch videos online, and chat with experts and people in areas that interest you. But don’t just complain.

9. Drink plenty of water. Drink as much as you can, because often people forget about such a simple habit. You can start with a glass of water before each meal, whenever you feel hungry or tired. You will be amazed at how your health will change.

10. Start each day with the phrase “What can I do today to improve my life?”. The answers will help you identify actions, and this will bring you closer to your goals. Small steps too big.

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