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10 Principles of Burning Man

Burning Man

You go to any Burning man event with great plans and more often than not you do something completely different.

You are confronted with the magic of a place that “knows best” what kind of experience you need to live right now. A great exercise to stabilize at the moment especially for control freaks! Painful and beautiful. The main thing here is not to resist, but to stop and try to catch this “here and now”. And come what may!

■ Radical involvement. Lack of “spectators”. Everyone here is a “city dweller” and builds it on an equal footing with others. The number is indicated by the column “population”, not “visitors”.

■ Donation. Money is banned in Black Rock City. You can only buy ice or coffee for them.

■ Lack of commerce. Any logos and labels are covered or reworked beyond recognition.

■ Radical self-belief. Burning Man encourages everyone to discover internal resources, make the most of them and trust them.

■ Radical self-expression. There are no corporations, no dress code, no social strata. All are equal, and nothing separates you from your own “I”, so you have nothing left but to be yourself.

■ Working together. Burning Man is a community made up of individuals who live and work together.

■ Civil liability. Everyone is personally responsible for their own safety and the safety of other participants.

■ Do not leave traces. The desert after sunset should look like before.

■ Participation. Everyone is involved in something, depending on their strength and desire.

■ Direct experience. Where there are no barriers, the immediate residence of the moment plays a crucial role.

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