10 Signs of an ideal woman through the eyes of men

10 Signs of an ideal woman through the eyes of men

Last year, the famous American columnist Gabriel Seyrig brought together hundreds of studies by scientists on what men really look for in the opposite sex.

The result of the publication is ten signs that were noted by the majority of respondents.

Bright eyes
The Journal des Femmes surveyed 900 men to find out what eye color attracted them most. According to the results, 40% of respondents preferred light green or blue eyes.

The same testing revealed another male passion – the strong half desperately wants to get from a woman… No, not s * x and not borsch! And tenderness! 46% put this quality in the first place, in second place was the female mind, in third place – a sense of humor.

It turns out that for a man to lose his head from the feminine scent, he must suit him in spirit. In other words, the perfume should not only be an organic continuation of the girl but also harmonize with his own scent. Catching this trend, advanced and creative brands produce paired fragrances for him and her, which, like two halves of one whole, bring people together and give birth to “chemistry” between them.

45% of the 2,000 men surveyed by the British University put their hands on their hearts and admitted that they love when there is something to look at and something to hold on to. Men’s consciousness is disturbed by the sexy curves of the body, and they are even ready to close their eyes for a few extra pounds. But too thin women attract only 34% of respondents.
French women
A Harris Interactive study found that in their sexual fantasies, men were more likely to be with French women than girls of other nationalities.

50% of men confirmed a long-known truth: women in skirts and high heels – their great weakness. And it’s not about how short the skirt will be, but about the femininity of the image. For example, less than 10% of respondents said they like girls in sportswear.

Dimple on the chin
Unbelievable, but the fact is that 42% of men just go crazy with a small indentation on the chin. 23% are happy with freckles, 21% – with moles on the upper lip (hello Cindy Crawford) and less than 6% do not mind that their ideal woman had a piercing on her face.

Loose long hair
In her imagination, men represent the perfect girlfriend of life with long and necessarily flowing hair. At least 58% named hair among the benefits. And only 9% voted for hair dressed in a tight ponytail or braid.

Do gentlemen prefer blondes? How could it not be so! According to a study by the Scandinavian Journal of Psychology, 53% of men choose women with dark hair for a stable and happy marriage.

The same experimental men with a Nordic character dispelled another myth about passive and pliable ladies. 60% of men are ready to link their lives with women who are not afraid to take the initiative. No, no one tolerates impudence! These are strong and confident ladies who are not afraid of responsibility.

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