Love is manifested in small things…

For someone who really loves you, you are the most important person in the world. She cares about you, she wants you to be healthy and happy. May you be all right.

Love does not always mean beautiful speeches and loud confessions. It is manifested in the little things that are of great importance.

Here are 10 phrases you will hear from a person who truly loves you:
1. “Be careful.”

When a person loves you sincerely, he wants you to be safe. She wants to remind you again (just in case) to be careful.
2. “Do you need help?”

A person who sincerely loves is always ready to offer his help. It doesn’t matter what it is about. This person wants, if possible, to make your life easier and easier.

3. “It would be much better if you were with me now.”

Maybe now he is in the truly most incredible place on earth. However, he misses you. Your presence nearby makes the day a little brighter, and his own – a little happier.

4. “I was thinking about you.”

Maybe just recently this man watched a movie that reminded him of you. Maybe he was listening to music that evoked memories of his first date. No matter what happens, he always thinks of you.

5. “If I need to, I’m always there.”

This person will be there when you need support. If he says that he will always be with you in a difficult moment – then so be it. He proves it time and time again with his actions.

6. “I miss you.”

Wherever this person is now, she is always thinking about you and bored.

7. “I want to know everything about you.”

If a person wants to know as much as possible about your life, then he is sincerely interested in you. Even the smallest details are important to her.

8. “You mean a lot to me.”

For this person, you are the whole world. She wants you to know. She says you are a special person to her. She is happy that you are next to him.

9. “In the future…”

“In the future, we will go through this together… When we grow old, we will take care of each other.”

If a person is planning a common future with you, he really loves you. He plans to be with you for the rest of his life.

10. “I love you.”

He tells you about it directly. He takes care of you. You are the most important person in his life.

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