10 things to do by the end of the summer

10 things to do by the end of the summer

Here are a couple of ideas that you should have time to do in August, while it is still on our calendar. And you should use every available day, not just weekends.

Eat fresh fruits and berries

You will have time to look around and see how all this delicious and colorful variety will disappear from the shelves for a good year. And yes, it is better to walk to the nearest market, from there everything will be definitely tastier than from the supermarket.

Swim in the water

In a lake, pond, or river, it doesn’t matter. Such a magical ritual of farewell to summer. Or at least just bask on the beach in the sun, or read some interesting book on a lounger.

Dinner on the summer terrace

In some restaurants, they will be open for a good two months, but right now you can still comfortably sit in the evening with a glass of wine while being in the same T-shirt.

Arrange a photoshoot in the “golden age”

The term “golden time” in photography refers to the time before sunset. The light is then beautiful and soft, and the photos look especially beautiful. In a few weeks, twilight will come much faster, and if you work at work, it will be problematic to have time to take a photo.

Stroll through the city at dawn

If the evening in autumn comes faster, the sunrise, on the contrary, moves in time. And while it is not very cold in the morning, you can take a walk in the morning and see what the same Lviv looks like without the crowds of tourists and the streets blocked to the horizon.

Try all the flavors of ice cream

Even a small supermarket nearby can be a pleasant surprise in this regard. But in the fall it will not be the same.

Go to an open-air event

Festival, musical performance, museum installation, master class. There are actually many options to be found. And when all this is not limited to four walls, even the usual things are felt differently.

Spend the night on the roof

You can go home if you have the keys, and you can get to someone else’s. With a romantic dinner, of course, not just go to bed

Take a walk in the rain

You can do it with an umbrella, or you can do it without it, jumping over puddles or landing right in the middle of them to catch that feeling of freedom again, as you once did as a child. It is enough to just throw the clothes in the washing machine, but the opportunity to use this time machine is worth it.

Go on a mini-hike

Even the forest on the outskirts of cities is quite suitable for this. And instead of the usual barbecue, take a bowl and cook a full dinner, supplementing it with tea with wild herbs and berries.

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