10 Ways to fall asleep quickly

10 Ways to fall asleep quickly

What are some good tips for falling asleep fast? There are various tips, techniques, and techniques that you can use to avoid insomnia.

The situation when you want to sleep but can’t fall asleep is upsetting and can be harmful to your health. We have selected 10 effective tips to help you fall asleep quickly.


Body and spirit love when the daily processes of falling asleep take place at the same time. This is crucial for your internal clock. Create a ritual that you repeat day after day so that your body knows that you are approaching sleep. Example:

19:30: Stop active training.
20:30: Make a list of tasks for the coming days and write down other important things for you. In this way, you free your brain from unnecessary thoughts and worries.
21:00: Turn off the lights and stop drinking.
21:30: Turn off electronic devices, TV and take a shower.
22:00: You go to bed to relax, you can read a magazine or a book or listen to soothing music.
22:30: Turn off all the lights.


How can your bedroom decor help you fall asleep? Alternatively, make the interior of the bedroom in calm light colors, maintain the optimal temperature in the room for you and create a calm and quiet atmosphere. Remember that fresh and clean bed linen always encourages relaxation.
Minimize clutter: Clean up your bedroom, don’t clutter it up, and don’t turn it into a warehouse. The right atmosphere will help to create a feeling of calm, peace, and comfortable rest.


How to relax after a hard day and prepare for sleep? There are some useful ideas: You can take a warm shower, so to speak, wash away a hard day. Add an aromatherapy session thanks to the “delicious” scents of various shower gels. When you are already in bed, mentally perform a body scan. Start with your toes, mentally “walk” from ankle to knee, and so on. Yes, step by step, you will go through all parts of the body. It helps to relax and some people fall asleep before they finish such a scan.


How can your breathing help you fall asleep? We found 3 different methods that can help:

1. Technique 4-7-8
This technique was developed by an American sleep expert, Dr. Andrew Weil, and is said to make you fall asleep for 60 seconds. Here’s how you do it:

1. Hold the tip of the tongue on the palate.
2. Exhale through your mouth, while exhaling the sound should resemble “huh”.
3. Inhale through your nose, slowly counting mentally to 4.
4. Hold your breath, slowly counting to 7.
5. Exhale through your mouth, slowly counting to 8, while exhaling the sound should resemble “huh”. When you count to 8, you should completely exhale the air from your lungs.
6. Repeat no more than 4 times.

This technique allows your lungs to be completely filled with air and increases the level of oxygen in the body. This promotes a state of calm.

2. Focus on your breathing
Focus on your breathing as well as the sensation of your chest as you inhale and exhale. Focus on lifting and lowering your chest while breathing.

3. Yawn, even if you don’t want to
We yawn when we’re tired, but even if you don’t feel tired, a couple of three yawns can make you go to sleep. Yawning, you tell your body it’s time to sleep.


Why is it sometimes so hard to fall asleep? For many people, the cause is stress and constant anxiety. You need to rethink your negative thoughts at a time when you can really do something. Decide when it is needed, and do not boil in those thoughts overnight. Think of something good, good, and positive before bed. Sleeping time is not a time to remember all the worries and anxieties – it is a time for your rest.


Some people find that calm music and wildlife sounds, such as birdsong or the light sound of the waves, relax and allow you to fall asleep faster. Try it and decide if it suits you.


Simple arithmetic works here. Many people know that we need to count sheep, so let’s start with that. For example, start with 300 and start the countdown with 3 digits. It will look like this: 300, 297, 294, 291, etc. If the sheep didn’t help, try elephants or any kind-hearted animals. The very idea is to outwit and relax the brain. Some fall asleep on 5 fluffy sheep, others can count longer, it all depends on the person and his emotional state. You can learn more about counting techniques from our blog.


There are different types of food and drinks that will make you sleepy. For example, warm milk, bananas, grapes, cherries, almonds, walnuts, and chamomile tea will have a calming effect. If you do not have allergies, you can try them and see if they help you fall asleep faster. You probably already know that coffee and other caffeinated beverages complicate the process of falling selection. But did you know that you need to give up such drinks at least 4 hours before bedtime? Also, avoid plain water for the last couple of hours before bedtime and do not drink alcohol at bedtime, as this negatively affects the quality of sleep.


Lack of light sends a signal to the body that it’s time to rest. Darkness stimulates the production of the “sleep hormone” melatonin. Melatonin signals the body to prepare for a night’s rest. The production of this important hormone can drop to 55 percent if something constantly distracts you from sleep, such as the blue light from a smartphone or TV. The red light reminds you of the sunset, and it will prepare you for an evening rest.


What do you do if you are unable to fall asleep for 15 minutes or more? You have to get up. Turning from side to side and thoughts of the eternal in this case only lead to dissatisfied thoughts that you can not sleep. Try doing something on our “soothing” list, such as listening to music or doing breathing exercises (still avoid your smartphone and TV). Understand your body – if you find it difficult to fall asleep every day, try to change your daily schedule a bit, start a new evening ritual, and so on.

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