14 Reasons why you need to train every day

14 Reasons why you need to train every day

Your weight is not the only reason to exercise. In fact, there are many more, so your motivation should not be limited to this.

Regular exercise is part of a healthy lifestyle. Here are some reasons why you should exercise.

1. Workouts lift you to a wave of positivity

What could be better than three margaritas (without a hangover)? Training. When you exercise, your body releases “happiness hormones” or endorphins. Thanks to them you feel positive.

2. If you have sex, you will have better sex

Training makes you feel better and sexier. You have increased testosterone, energy levels, mood, and sex drive. Be sure to work on different muscle groups.

3. Physical activity reduces the symptoms of premenstrual syndrome

Light exercises will help you feel better these days, improve your mood.

4. Training improves cognitive function and memory

Several studies have shown that children in good physical shape perform better on standardized tests, although more research is needed on this topic. It turns out that even moderate walking helps stimulate cognitive functions such as thinking, memory, duration of concentration.

5. Training – a natural antidepressant

Even a 30-minute walk will help you overcome sadness. Studies support the idea that physical activity should be part of the treatment for depression.

6. Good physical shape provides a sense of confidence

When you exercise, you feel better, you look better, you become stronger, you have a sense of accomplishment. And all this allows you to feel more confident.

7. Exercise will make you feel more energetic

Guess what can break the eternal cycle of exhaustion? That’s right – training! Stop whining, finally start moving and you will feel a surge of energy very quickly and you will not feel so tired during the day.

8. Exercise will promote good sleep

If you exercise, you better sleep at night. However, do not perform exercises before bedtime.

9. Training relieves stress
One of the fastest ways to get rid of stress is to do a variety of exercises. In this way, you will both relax and calm down.

10. Workouts affect your creativity

Do you feel as if you are standing still? Research shows that creative thinking improves when a person walks – indoors or outdoors. So take your phone with you and write down any fresh ideas.

11. Your health will thank you

Did you know that approximately 8.6 million women die of heart disease each year? According to the American Heart Association, exercise helps reduce the risk of cardiovascular disease, strengthens the heart muscle, and reduces the risk of a heart attack.

12. You will feel and look younger

The fountain of youth is not a magical source of water, in fact, it is a workout! We can’t stop the clock, and we can slow it down.

13. Muscles and bones are strengthened

After 40 years, our body becomes weaker. But if you eat right and exercise, you can feel like you’re young.

14. You will feel happy

Do you want to become more energetic? Don’t have a heart problem to make your muscles and bones stronger and have better sex? Then go in for sports!

After all, when all this becomes a part of your life and yourself, you will be happy!

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