20 Ways to help yourself when a psychologist is not around

20 Ways to help yourself when a psychologist is not around

How to put your feelings and bare nerves in order? It turns out that the simplest actions have a calming effect.

Here’s what can help you find mental balance and hurt negative emotions. We offer 20 options – choose the ones that suit you.

Here are some ideas to help normalize your well-being on your own. You will definitely find the ones that work best for you. Apply them in practice and your state of mind will always be prosperous.

Writing evening pages or a therapeutic diary helps to understand feelings and realize them.

Unsent letters – write to the person who caused the pain, describe in detail all your feelings, break up and throw away.

Disassemble the closet with clothes and put everything on the shelves – if there is not enough certainty and stress.

Disassemble documents and receipts – the same ordering your life. You can even at work.

Tearing old papers, newspapers, magazines with your hands – with feeling, helps to cope with anger.

Beat pillows – helps to safely express anger.

Draw a therapeutic mandala, preferably 10-20 pieces at a time: just draw a circle and paint with colored spots to your liking, putting all the negative emotions. Then break and throw away.

Paint a ready-made mandala-coloring – in online bookstores sell in pdf-format. You just need to print and enjoy.

Pour water into a plastic bottle of soda and shake it – helps to cope with anger.

Crying – it is proven that tears come out not only negative emotions but also harmful toxins.

Shouting (if there is a place) or singing loudly to loud music – unlocks the throat and all the unspoken.

Going through a glass of raw cereal – like Cinderella – helps to separate the necessary from the unnecessary and calm down, make a decision. Suitable oatmeal or buckwheat.

Wash the floor with water, salt, and your favorite essential oil.

Transplant flowers – contact with the Earth -… ground! Gives peace and confidence.

Throw away the old junk and make room for the new one!

Draw – buy an album and pencils and draw. You can include a step-by-step lesson for beginners on YouTube on fashion illustration or sketching – it increases self-esteem, normalizes emotions, and develops creativity.

Take a bath with salt (if it helps you).

Make a mask and lie down (just lie down, not walk with it), raising your legs slightly above your head. Soothes and lifts the mood.

Go to yoga/qigong/pilates or include a beginner’s lesson on YouTube. Helps to achieve balance.

Watch a good, bright movie about love.

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