3 Reasons why you should not neglect healthy sleep

3 Reasons why you should not neglect healthy sleep

The next time you think about a night without sleep or with less than you need, remember these three reasons why sleep is good for you, and lack of it is detrimental to your success.

Very often we are proud of ourselves for working all night. Of course, this is sometimes necessary, but it is also important to remember that for lack of sleep, you should not reward yourself with a badge of honor. The next time you think about a night without sleep or with less than you need, remember these three reasons why sleep is good for you, and lack of it is detrimental to your success.

1. A dream unites memories

We all spend most of our day creating new memories. This applies to communication with friends, new ways of doing our work, random thoughts while walking the dog – a day full of memories and knowledge. The fact is that after such a day, we need a dream during which the mind combines all these memories for long-term storage. Without it, we simply cannot remember all the things we have learned well.

2. Lack of sleep can lead to Alzheimer’s disease

Even more disturbing than the difficult creation of new memories and inhibited learning is that lack of sleep can manifest itself in the form of symptoms of Alzheimer’s disease. Even a change in sleep mode, such as a flight, has the same effect.

Not only does this mean that our learning is deteriorating, but when we don’t get enough sleep, we quickly forget what we’ve already learned. If you notice that you have begun to forget names, places, events, or skills that you previously knew or had, check your sleep schedule. Thus, the lack of good rest contributes to the fact that you forget what you knew.

3. Lack of normal sleep is equal to poor nutrition for 6 months

Lack of sleep not only affects your memory but also endangers your health. Research has shown that one night without sleep is as harmful as poor nutrition for 6 months. In particular, a sleepless night weakens your insulin sensitivity. This sensitivity disorder means that your body needs to produce more insulin to maintain the required blood sugar level. If it increases – it is a predisposition to type 2 diabetes and obesity.

Lack of sleep can help you gain weight, as lack of insulin sensitivity is often associated with increased appetite. And this, in turn, leads to weight gain. Smooth people take more time off work, and this affects their success. And all because of one sleepless night.

Working around the clock is not something to be proud of. This is not a sign of success or dedication. Lack of sleep impairs our ability to learn, our ability to remember things we already know, and can lead to obesity, which means less time to work and less work to do. If you want to be successful, it’s time to prioritize sleep. Set an alarm and go to sleep. You should have a full 8 hours of sleep.

Doing so will increase your ability to learn and improve your health.

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