3 Tips from “The Happiest Person In The World”

3 Tips from "The Happiest Person In The World"

Mathieu Ricard is a French author who writes about Buddhism, is a translator and photographer, and is a Buddhist monk.

Scientists called him “the happiest man in the world.”

1. Stop thinking only about yourself.
When your thoughts are focused only on you, it is exhausting. You begin to perceive the world as a potential threat to your inner world. You need to try to be more friendly, but that doesn’t mean you can let other people sit on your neck.

2. Start training your consciousness.
As marathon runner who needs to train hard to run hundreds of miles, our minds also need intense training to become happier. Ricard believes that the main components of happiness are friendliness, attention, and emotional balance. Think of them as skills you need to master.

3. Think of something good for at least 15 minutes a day.
Focus on what causes your only pleasant thoughts, and try not to be distracted by anything else. If you start training like this, then in two weeks you will feel a positive psychological effect and begin to perceive the world around you more easily.

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