4 signs that it’s time to update your circle of friends

If you notice these 4 signs, then you should seriously think about renewing your circle of acquaintances.

Friends are those who will come to your aid in a difficult moment, support and give advice. And good acquaintances make the surrounding world more comfortable, and cozier, because it is nice to know that a neighbor on the site will take care of the house while the owners are in the country, and you can turn to a colleague for cookies if you have run out of cookies.

When acquaintances are jealous, discuss behind their backs and do “little pranks”, then there is a serious reason to think: is the problem with others or with the person himself? We tend to blame ourselves, but if you notice these 4 signs, then you should seriously think about updating your circle of acquaintances.

Refusal to help

Many people live under the motto “in life you can only rely on yourself”, but even they sometimes need help. Illness, trouble in personal life, financial difficulties: everyone has faced this. It’s one thing when acquaintances don’t notice that a person needs help, but it’s quite another when they don’t want to sacrifice their time to respond to a request.

If you began to notice that there are no people around you who are ready to help, but at the same time you are constantly helping friends, then you should reconsider your relationship with such neighbors and colleagues. A situation may arise when the future and even life will depend on the care of a person from the environment: it is better to have verified people who are trustworthy.

“Convenient” acquaintance

There are neighbors who constantly drop by for dinner and get salt, but they don’t call. Such people find convenient acquaintances who will not refuse help, borrow money or treat them to chocolate without demanding anything in return. The basis of any relationship (family, work) is a mutual return. If one side gives more than it receives, motivating it by the fact that “it is not difficult for me”, then this is not the norm. Some people just take advantage of your kindness.

People quickly begin to take goodness for granted: first to accept with gratitude, and then to demand, being offended if they do not receive anything. For this reason, those in your environment who “parasitize” need to be put in their place in a timely manner.


A person himself allows a disrespectful attitude towards himself, communicating with people who have problems with morals. If acquaintances speak disparagingly about your hobby, the result of creativity, work, or close people, then you should not let them do it out of politeness. Disrespect can manifest itself in irony, undermining the individual’s faith in himself: such an environment forms complexes and prevents him from achieving his goal. It is better to communicate with those people whose views and moral values ​​correspond to yours: this will reduce the number of conflicts and unpleasant moments in life.


We constantly learn from other people, partly adopting thoughts and habits. It’s easy to take care of your health if everyone at work eats healthy and goes to the gym. But when the office smells like instant noodles or fried pies during your lunch break, it makes you feel more relaxed about your food (by the way, such junk food is one of those things that destroys our memory). It is even more difficult when people who drink alcohol are in a circle of acquaintances. Such acquaintances are time bombs that will bring trouble at the most inopportune moment.

A bad example is contagious. You cannot underestimate the importance of your environment: it is much easier to be happy and successful when you are surrounded by people who are as cheerful and active as you are.

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