4 Skills to help achieve more

4 Skills to help achieve more

Complex tasks require high cognitive control. In neurobiology, this is the ability to relate plans and goals to real actions.

Neurobiologist and Professor David Badri talk about how to develop cognitive control to achieve more.

Free up certain periods of time. The more complex the task, the less likely you are to be able to keep the entire set of tasks in working memory. Especially if you are constantly distracted. Every time you focus on one thing, the process of “reloading” to the next task requires significant mental resources and energy. The more time you can free up and the more effectively you can minimize distractions, the better the result.

Gather what you need in advance. Some people consider preparation for work as a preparatory ritual: to gather the necessary things, find information, and to arrange physical and virtual workspace. But it happens that this training is needed only in order not to start work as long as possible. Instead, prepare in advance. Ideally the night before. To get down to business immediately tomorrow morning.

Do not do several things at once. When you work on a complex task, trying to do other things at the same time reduces the amount of working memory. So focus on one. Turn off messages. Remove the phone. Do your best not to be disturbed.

Create the perfect workflow that suits you. You may like to take on the main task in the morning. Perhaps you solve problems most effectively when you walk. The key is to find a routine, process, or structure that will allow you to be as productive as possible.

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