5 Amazing facts about Italy that can break all stereotypes about the country

5 Amazing facts about Italy that can break all stereotypes about the country

Italy is a much more diverse country than we can imagine. Rome is not only the Colosseum and the Trevi Fountain, but pizza is not the only national dish that deserves attention.

Yes, the local cuisine is very diverse, and the habits and customs of the Italians can confuse tourists and even make them feel ashamed. The editorial board decided to prepare a selection of facts about this amazing country in honor of the resumption of tourism in Italy.

Not the only pizza.

Few people know, but almost every region of Italy has its own crown dish. So, coming to Rome, most tourists try to try the local carbonara pasta and pizza with tomatoes and cheese. But those who explore the country more deeply know that in Florence, for example, there is an unusually juicy steak – la stecca Fiorentina. In the north of the country, you should try Italian risotto, and in Naples, they eat millionaire – evening hot pizza from the oven.

Breakfast with hidden content.

It is also interesting that in Italian restaurants or cafes you can not order a cappuccino after lunch or dinner. So as not to be embarrassed in front of the waiter, after eating you need to drink only black espresso. But for breakfast in Italy do not eat eggs and porridge. Instead, it is customary to drink coffee with pastries: croissants or rolls with whipped cream called maritozzo. Traditionally, maritozzo is named after future men – mariti, who usually bring these buns for breakfast to a loved one with the intention of getting married in the near future.

Insidious language.

Locals often pour rather strange expressions and gestures that can mislead the visitor. Yes, the banal “I love you” in Italian will sound like ti Voglio bene. These words literally translate as “I want you well.” Moreover, it is customary to say this phrase not only to partners but also to their parents and even children.

Another common expression is she palle! (“What eggs!”) – used to express indignation or irritation.

But a woman who did not get married “on time” and picks up stray cats on the street, in Italy is called the word Qattara.

It is necessary to bargain with dignity. Bargaining with local traders is not the same as in Egypt. In Italy, you can’t just ask for a sconto (“discount”), because it’s very brazen. Instead, politely ask for the verb risparmiare, which means to save or preserve.

If you say “posso risparmiare?” In a store or market in Italy, you will be considered polite and worthy of a discount.

Sweetness from idleness.

Italians hate to rush and miss vital moments. To do this, it is common in the country to take a five-minute break to enjoy the taste of fragrant coffee or talk to colleagues and friends.

In Italy, there is a well-known expression dolce far niente (“pleasure of idleness”), which reflects the essence of this approach.

Also, don’t be surprised if you’re told “Nonti preoccupare” in a hurry. This means that you have been “caught” in the hustle and bustle, so you should relax and let go of the problems. The Italians are convinced that if they are overly worried about some things, their solution will still not accelerate. So it is better to exhale and go eat something tasty or enjoy your favorite coffee.

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