5 Books for spiritual development that need to be read

5 Books for spiritual development that need to be read

Spiritual development brings peace and harmony with oneself. It helps to release creative potential and live “in a stream”. Here is a selection of best-selling books for spiritual development:

The power of the moment Now. A guide to spiritual enlightenment

This book is about the importance of not being able to think. Because only there, beyond words, is everything we so desperately want: inspiration, joy, true love. And it is available to us immediately – in a magical moment Now.

Supernatural mind. How to achieve extraordinary power of the mind

Based on scientifically sound and laboratory-proven methods, the author offers a unique program of life transformation. He proves that by the power of thought we can heal our body, reveal the possibilities inherent in nature, change the foreseeable future and even improve the state of the environment. The theory presented in the book is confirmed by real stories of people who have undergone a transformation.

Internal engineering. A yoga guide that will bring you joy

This book will be your roadmap to a joyful and harmonious life.
Sadhguru offers to master the science of yoga and work on thinking in order to live a conscious and happy life. The book consists of 2 chapters. In the first, the author talks about himself and gives a little theory. The second describes yoga practices and instructions for their implementation.

Personality DNA

“Personality DNA” on how to reconsider one’s priorities and focus on inner virtues. It will show how some people have managed to pave the way to a strong character and become worthy people. Their stories will be a guide for the reader in search of their own strategy of tempering the character, will help to know yourself, find mental harmony and happiness.

7 spiritual laws of success. How to make dreams come true

Have you read a lot of literature that promises success here and now? Do you make every effort every day, and to no avail? No time to give up. Right now you can achieve everything you dreamed of.
Knowing the basic 7 spiritual laws of success, it is easy to turn dreams into reality. If your consciousness acquires this knowledge, it will allow you to become infinitely rich without effort, and to succeed in every endeavor. This is what millions are striving for. And this is what awaits you.

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