5 Facts that will make you pick up a book and start reading

5 Facts that will make you pick up a book and start reading

Everyone has heard that reading develops, but it’s time to find out what can be useful. We will introduce you to the facts that will make you start reading.

You gain experience

It’s not just about science books or those that are meant to teach us something. We are also talking about ordinary fiction. The most useful books, according to statistics, are autobiographies. This is one hundred percent life experience of decades, which you get in just a few hours.

Development of intelligence

Reading makes the brain more plastic. The amount of white matter in the brain increases, as well as the content of myelin. Reading improves attention, trains concentration. You will be able to focus better on something important, less distracted during work and study.

Increasing life expectancy

In one study, researchers found that reading books increases life expectancy. This is not just a test based on statistics, but a full-scale study conducted among numerous groups of people with different incomes and living conditions. Experts emphasize the importance of reading books, not, say, articles on the Internet. It is books that help to live longer, and sometimes in the truest sense of the word: there are studies that confirm the fact that reading helps to fight suicidal thoughts.

Increasing income

There is no direct connection, and there is no guarantee that you will become richer if you read a book a week or a month. But there is a clear link between reading books and financial success. For example, in the United States and Canada, only 50% of low-income people read books regularly. Among high- and middle-income people, the number of readers increases to more than 80%.

Success in love and communication

Those who read a lot of books are well able to convey their thoughts to others. Researchers also claim that people who read constantly have a higher level of empathy. Your mind becomes more sensitive through reading. Of course, the effect does not appear immediately, but its first beginnings can be seen after a month of constant reading.

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