5 Principles of life management from Tony Robbins

Tony Robbins

A noticeable trend: the longer a person lives, the shorter each year seems. The pace of life increases, the number of tasks and responsibilities increases, the need to do more things increases.

However, there are still 24 hours a day. How to have time to realize your potential in such a short period of time and not discover at the end of life that the main goals are still not achieved? Here are some key tips from Tony Robbins:

Find your goal.

And this goal is not equal to something material, such as buying a huge house or car. Find a purpose that will guide you through life.

Fragment the task.

When you are just mastering an activity or starting to implement a big plan, it is important to specify it step by step. It is important to consistently pay attention to each fragment and not grab everything at once.

No Extra Time.

This means finding relatively free time from work and conscious leisure during the day to use it for their own purposes. For example, if you do not have enough knowledge to work or you have long wanted to read a book, it is quite possible to do it step by step, downloading the text to a handy gadget and reading a little each time you fill 5-10 minutes, which is not enough to start something global.

Take time for a relationship.

Success in life is not only money, a career, a sense of self-importance, but also love, friendship, communication with friends. You can’t sacrifice that, you just need to set aside time for it, as for other things. And it will bring you closer to your goals, because, firstly, most goals need the help and support of other people in their achievements, and secondly, relationships make our lives happier.

Learn to communicate better.

Some of the problems are solely due to mutual misunderstanding or different interpretations of terms, different perceptions of the result of vague details. Communicating correctly is a kind of optimization of life management, which will help to get results faster.

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