5 Psychological tricks that will save you money

5 Psychological tricks that will save you money

Can’t save enough money? Discover the psychological tricks that will help you achieve your goals. Is saving money, not exactly your forte?

Don’t worry, this is a very common problem. For your (and our) joy, however, there are a number of psychological tricks that could help us achieve this goal. Especially in a period like the one we are facing, being able to put aside some money is really very important and certainly wise.

If you are an incurable spendthrift, and if until now no attempt to save money has been successful, we have decided to compile for you a list of tips and tricks that could really improve your finances. In the past, we have already pointed out some useful apps to save your money, and we have also explained how the infamous “jar method” works. Today we will instead point out some infallible psychological tricks to try right away! Choose the ones that seem most suitable to you, and start building your future!


1 Try to imagine yourself “rich”: try to imagine a version of yourself that is rich, or at least economically independent. Sure, shopping and buying things we don’t actually need can be fun, but wouldn’t it be better to save the money for bigger projects?

2 Little is better than nothing: don’t you have the opportunity to put aside large sums? Always remember that even small amounts, especially at the beginning, will be fine. The important thing is to start, and gradually you will get used to putting more and more money aside.

3 Think about prices in terms of quantity of work: the cost of a pair of shoes could be the same as two full days of work (depending on how much you take per day of course). Think about the prices of the things you would like to buy in these terms, so you can decide whether or not that particular purchase is worth it or not.

4 View the objectives: do you know the lists of good intentions that we draw up at the beginning of each year? Often they end up on the back burner because we choose too abstract goals (lose weight, play sports, and so on). If you have decided to save money for a specific reason, imagine concretely what you want to achieve. Is it a house? Print photos of some of your dream homes and hang them in your room, so you always remember what the real goal you want to achieve is.

5 Open a savings account or a pension fund: opt for the automatic withdrawal of the amount you intend to set aside each month. This way the money will accumulate from time to time without you having to do absolutely anything. Psychologically it will therefore be easier to save money. Seeing is believing!


Finally, do not forget that in life a few small deviations from the rule are always good, as long as they do not become a habit. Treat yourself to a few small snags from time to time. If you have been good and if you have managed to put money aside with a certain constancy and regularity, reward yourself with a mini gift. A bottle of wine, a nice manicure, or a relaxing massage will do just fine. In short, give yourself something that makes you feel good and that gives you a little extra push when you need it, to continue saving money for your future!

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