Yoga has been a trend for many years. Celebrities, bloggers, or neighbors – all do yoga. But why?

Aren’t these a few boring exercises on a fitness mat? Should you still jump on this train? The answer to the last question is simple: yes. Why is it useful to practice yoga? Yoga is not just about boring bending on a fitness mat. And we will try to prove it to you.

Yoga is not just a sport.

Yoga is much more than just daily exercise. In practice, physical work is combined with mental training. This is already in the word itself because in a rough translation yoga means something like “unity, harmony.” Often people forget that the health of the body depends not only on physical condition but above all on the psyche. With the help of yoga, you will be able to strengthen your body and mind at the same time.

Yoga is for everyone.

Excuses are not taken into account here: whether old or young; man or woman; bodybuilder or Zumbo fan; alone or in a group – everyone can practice yoga. With a wide variety of styles, you can choose to practice according to the sensations of your body.

Yoga increases strength and flexibility.

In terms of physical training, postures (asanas) in yoga can activate many different areas of the body. Strength and muscle building are maintained. In addition, each flow contributes to the elasticity of the body and relaxes the spine. Flexibility and mobility, as well as relieving back pain go hand in hand with this.

Yoga reduces stress.

One of the most important things in yoga is breathing. At first, it is a bit difficult to coordinate poses and at the same time pay attention to breathing. But once you get used to it, you won’t have to think about whether you’re breathing properly. You will do it on the machine. And breathing exercises, typical of yoga, can reduce stress and even help with depression or anxiety disorders.

Yoga is always possible.

And everywhere. Of course, the desired mat and sportswear. But in principle, for practice, you need only one thing: yourself. It is important that yoga is not an hour of training. Even a short 15-minute session can be very effective.

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