5 reasons to start keeping a diary of success

The “Success Diary” is a daily record of one’s victories. In other words, it is quite simple, but in practice, it is very powerful.

These can be a few lines about your results at the end of the day or a few pages in the morning. You may now think, “Hmm, what’s the point?” Here are 5 reasons why you should start keeping a diary of success.

1. To understand your goals.

Imagine that you keep a diary of your victories for a month or six months. You know your goal and step confidently towards it. But after re-reading your notes, you suddenly realize that none of the results on the way to your goal brings you sincere joy. You seem to know it’s right, but you’re not so sure it’s right for you.

2. To structure thinking.

A success diary is the same mindfulness technique as a morning page or a gratitude journal. All of these tools work because we scroll through our thoughts more slowly as we write. In fact, by formulating them “on paper”, we give them structure. It is a powerful tool of internal dialogue that helps to bring order to thoughts, reduce anxiety, learn to make informed choices, and make decisions.

3. To learn from their victories.

That’s right – not on mistakes, but on victories Writing about your victories and how you achieved them, you outline your formula for achievement, you understand what takes more time next time, what worked most effectively, and what had no effect at all.

4. To believe in yourself and motivate yourself.

On the way to the goal, there are dark periods – when nothing happens, when it’s scary and you don’t know what to do next. And your diary of success, which can be re-read at any time, is an antidote to devaluation and despair, which works in 100% of cases. Because even the smallest victory matters.

5. To celebrate your smallest victories.

Being able to reward yourself for even the slightest progress is a powerful tool of motivation and inspiration that, believe me, will cover you with a wave.

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