5 reasons why dreams do not come true

To understand why dreams do not come true, it is necessary to clarify one essential question: should they come true at all?

On this score, there are two opposing opinions: some say that the dream must come true sooner or later, while others believe that it is the dream, to be all the time unattainable, like the horizon. The catch is that the word “dream” can mean a wide range of concepts and characteristics: in some, the dream is the same as the goal, while others prefer to distinguish between these concepts.

In addition, it is believed that a dream should contain something unreal, and this is precisely its main difference from a real goal. One can object to this quite philosophically: where is the clear line between the real and the unreal? And doesn’t it happen that an absolutely absurd idea over time is embodied in reality? The world around us is so strange that anything can happen.

The fact is that a dream has a magical property: it releases some energy, which is designed to help the realization of this very dream. In this case, energy can be used in another way: for your own self-deception. You can do this endlessly.

The most common reasons why a dream is not fulfilled are:

1. Ignorance of what a person really wants, inability to prioritize. Many empty dreams are born after watching advertisements or chatting with friends, that is, a thought form imposed from the outside. They are short-lived and rarely performed.

2. Diffusion of attention on many small dreams-desires.

3. Subconscious fear of performance. It happens that a person seems to want to achieve something, but his inner complexes and fears create an impenetrable barrier for this.

4. Disbelief that the dream will come true. This often happens in people suspicious, pessimistic, subject to other people’s opinions and influence.

5. Laziness, lack of strength, energy to go through the entire chain: after all, in order for a dream to be crowned with a result, like an apple tree with fruits, it is necessary to think over ways to achieve it and, most importantly, to tear yourself away from the sofa for decisive action.

And also – don’t forget to take time into account! With the right approach, dreams always come true, but you always need to wait for this, sometimes quite a long time.

If all of the above reasons do not concern you, the time has passed, and the dream has not come true, think – perhaps you have conceived something amiss from the point of view of the Universe. Or the Universe decided that it might hurt you. Or maybe he has a better option for you.

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