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5 Reasons why your child’s tantrums are good

5 Reasons why your child's tantrums are good

Parents may feel helpless and tired when their children get hysterical, lie on the floor in tears, or scream.

However, tantrums are an important part of your child’s emotional health and well-being. Parents have published 5 important reasons why your baby’s tantrums are good.

It relieves stress

Tears contain cortisone – a stress hormone. So when children cry, they are literally relieved of stress. You may have noticed that your baby is in a much better mood after a tantrum. In addition, tears have been found to lower blood pressure and improve emotional well-being, provided you are supported by a loved one.

A child can sleep better

Sleep problems often occur because parents believe that the best approach to tantrums is to try to avoid them. However, toddlers, like adults, may not sleep well due to stress. So sometimes you should allow your baby to cry and it will improve his emotional well-being and help him sleep better.

That’s good because you said no

The child was probably hysterical because you said no. And this is good! After all, the prohibition of parents gives the child clear boundaries regarding acceptable and unacceptable behavior. Sometimes you can avoid saying “no”, but you have to show your child certain boundaries. Saying “no” means that you are not afraid of the emotional side of parenting.

Tantrums bring you closer

When your child is angry or hysterical, do not try to stop her or quarrel, let her survive the storm of their feelings. Also, do not say too much, it is better to say a few kinds, reassuring words, hug the baby. Your child will see your unconditional perception and feel closer to you.

Your child does what most people can’t do

As you grow older, your baby will cry less. In part, it is maturing and learning to regulate one’s emotions. She will learn to “fit” into a society that is not very receptive to emotional expression.

After all, when adults are angry or stressed, they also sometimes need to cry – to release emotions. So, sometimes let your child have tantrums to release his feelings and feel better.

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