5 Simple ways to develop your own brain

5 Simple ways to develop your own brain

Despite the simplicity and availability of these methods, they really help keep the brain toned.

1. Books
We can talk endlessly about the benefits of reading, which is what we do periodically. As you read books, you develop your imagination, memorize, analyze, and learn. Reading is a great warm-up for the brain. So start reading something right now and don’t stop.

2. Logic games
Anything – command, on the phone, on the computer. Most likely, in your city some games like “Brain ring” or “What? Where? When? ”, Create a team, sign up and periodically let the brain work hard.

3. Puzzles
An excellent change of activity for the brain. If you’ve been working on a task all day, switching to collecting puzzles is a great idea. The brain will still work, but the nature of this work will be completely different. The harder the puzzle, the better. Don’t let your brains get bored.

4. Foreign language
It has been repeatedly proven that learning a foreign language delays the onset of dementia. By learning new phrases, constructions, words, you do not allow the brain to “stagnate”. So, teach, friends. And if you already know one foreign one, take the next one.

5. Poems
Study the verses if you want to develop your brain. Not only do they develop memory, but the benefit of quoting a couple of lines on a topic while talking in the company is invaluable.

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