5 situations in marriage that are worse than betrayal

Betrayal is the easiest way to break love or ruin a relationship.

But there are some things that are much worse than a relationship on the side, although in many families such behavior is considered normal or insignificant. Such situations in the future could turn into a huge tragedy that will destroy the marriage.

1. Stay together because it’s so convenient
People who have decided to connect their lives should be comfortable living and living together. But when there is no more spark in a relationship, staying close is a big mistake. Sometimes people continue to live together as cohabitants, but this leads to constant quarrels and conflicts. In this way, people poison each other’s lives without trying to turn the page of their lives and find new love.

2. Manipulations
In some unions, one partner always uses the other for their own purposes and interests. Another person, who feels sincere feelings for the manipulator, is able to do everything for a loved one, but the relationship leads to constant torment. In such a union, only one person lives for pleasure, and the other becomes completely dependent on the partner.

3. Avoidance of attachment
Some people are so afraid of becoming attached to a person and becoming addicted to feelings that they prefer to exclude the relationship altogether, even while living together. Such a cold attitude to the partner harms the union because showing their feelings is very important for every couple. When one partner intentionally restrains his emotions, the other begins to doubt himself and blame himself for the behavior of a loved one.

4. Top tone
Presenting oneself superficially, and making one’s partner feel oppressed and naive are all true signs of superiority. Many women believe that talking to their husbands this way is the same as showing their independence. But such independence is very detrimental to marriage and trust in general.

5. Insincerity
Many people want to make a good impression on a loved one, so they constantly hide the truth to rise in the eyes of a partner. But relationships that are built on lies and deception, even if used to “embellish” the truth, will never end happily. Such tactics only postpone the tragedy.

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