5 Telltale indicators that a woman is having an affair with a man

5 Telltale indicators that a woman is having an affair with a man

In a relationship, it is important to trust each other. But there are cases when it seems to you that the girl is not sincere, hides something. Here are 5 ways to help expose your loved one to a lie.

Words: honest, true

When a person says something and ends a sentence with the word “honestly”, there is a 90% chance that he is lying, convincing not only you but himself.

A fleeting smile

The girl tells a story and rejoices in her soul that she can circle you around her finger. Hence the smile. But then she remembers that you can not betray yourself, and the face becomes serious.

A fit of passion

The desire to distract you from an unpleasant question forces a woman to be smart. She can turn into a loving cat, try to end the conversation in bed. If so, it hides something very serious.

Unconscious block

When a question causes discomfort, a woman wants to protect herself, to distance herself from the problem. In addition to crossed arms and legs, touching the face, it is expressed as follows:

He picks up the phone and starts digging in it.
Retreats one step.
He tries to put something between you (sits down at the table, walks around the chair, and leans on his back).
Fixes hair, clothes.
Her story is too colorful, emotional.

When the speech is thought out in advance, it is delivered without pauses. Details are added for plausibility. By the way, the details are often true, but the point is not.

Ask a clarifying question or change the sequence of the story, and the version will fall like a house of cards. There will be hitches, inconsistencies in the language.

If you think the girl is lying, there are two options:

You have often been deceived and now you do not trust people.
Your subconscious mind reads the nonverbal signals of a woman’s body. And intuition is a wiser psychologist than logic. So the expression, “when it seems necessary to be baptized,” cannot always be applied.

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