5 Thoughts that will instantly make you feel happier

You don’t have to make millions, drive a cool car, or relax in the Maldives to feel happy.

Remember, happiness begins with yourself: with what thoughts are swarming in your head, and how you perceive the world. I want to be happy, you want to … Everyone wants to achieve this mysterious state of bliss. Happiness connects the whole universe. The actions and motives of each person are determined by his desire to do so. But what really distinguishes a happy person from an unhappy one is the conscious choice to be happy. Happy people have learned that happiness begins with themselves. In particular, it sprouts from our thoughts. Just a few thoughts and you can join the happy people from all over the world! Start with these five:

1. It will also pass

Sometimes because of certain emotions and situations, we feel desperate and depressed. When our legs are swaying and we are slowly falling (due to a broken heart, offended selfishness, or indecision), any challenge in life can be resisted by remembering the simple phrase, “It will pass, too.”This thought helps to see the light at the end of the tunnel. Live with this wisdom: life is a constant movement, everything will pass.

2. You are not alone

When a person struggles with an illness, experiences divorce, or the death of a loved one, grief engulfs him, and it seems as if no one has ever felt as bad as she does. But you know what? Almost everyone felt the same thing at one time or another.

You are not alone.

Emotions are like a storm: no matter how dark and restless it is, the clouds will dissipate and the sky will be clear again.

3. People have good intentions

It is very easy to think of other people only as the worst. I’m guilty of it, but in reality, my mind is pessimistic and negative. Try to think of others in a positive light. Assume that people have good intentions. Appreciate and enjoy your relationships and the love you give and receive from others.

4. There is a good side to every situation

Changing your views can do wonders with your mood and the mood of the people around you. Let’s say you have a meeting scheduled, and you have to spend a whole day getting to your chosen place. Instead of expressing your dissatisfaction all the way, evaluate the “pros” of this situation. This day can be very good for a trip. Enjoy the fresh air and good music. You can find a good side in any situation. To find her and get rid of negative thoughts. Happiness is always near. So clear the sky of dark storm clouds and rediscover the bright blue sky. Now smile. Everything is not so bad.

5. Stop and take a breath

Scroll through this phrase in your head throughout the day. Stop and take a breath. We just need this reminder. Focus on one thing, try to fill every moment with your attention and presence. Without conscious breathing, your life will be filled with anxiety and confusion.

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