If you regularly give up fruits and vegetables, and carbohydrates and junk food are the basis of your daily diet, then our tips are for you.

1. Just try
Eating what you don’t like is pure masochism, you say. But it helps us improve the quality and duration of our lives. Why not give it a try?

2. Change the associations
If you were “overfed” with cabbage as a child, it will be disgusting in adulthood. Our attitude to food is often based on childhood memories. However, we can form adult food associations. Cook cabbage not according to your mother’s recipe. Or order it in a restaurant, where the approach to its preparation can pleasantly surprise you.

3. Combine
“A spoonful of sugar helps to drink any medicine,” said Mary Poppins. Of course, you should not abuse sugar, but the idea itself is good. Studies have found that combining healthy foods with your favorites will make your diet enjoyable. Add cream or cheese to vegetables from your “blacklist”. Fish tastes good with Parma ham, and yogurt – with fruit.

4. Take your time
No need to try many “new products” at once. Take your time. Our eating habits change gradually.

5. Think positive
A brain is a powerful tool that can help you change your eating habits. Positive thinking is one of the main factors in the formation of pleasant sensations while eating. Just imagine how juicy and tasty an orange will be, and a salad is a nutritious source of energy for your body. And you will feel how well they taste.

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