6 Internal light sources

6 Internal light sources

Have you ever met in your life people who are attracted by an incomprehensible charm?

Such people are exciting, it’s nice to communicate with them, and you want to be like them. But it is unclear how to do it. Imitate their manner of communication, and behavior? That will not work. You can become such a person only by using your internal resources. It is our inner state that is reflected in all aspects of our lives. There are several sources of internal light.

Believe in yourself

When a person believes in his own strength, he is calm and relaxed. This inner strength is seen by others. It is important to learn to distinguish between self-belief and narcissism. Healthy self-confidence means that a person believes that he can cope with any difficulties. You can achieve self-confidence by remembering yourself as a child. As children, each of us achieved some success with his perseverance. Children, especially very young ones, are a great example of self-belief. This is followed by uncertainty when parents, people around, or teachers kill this belief. Therefore, a state of faith in one’s own strength must be developed. Remember yourself as a child, when this feeling was so palpable. Set goals for yourself and achieve them. Don’t give up, start small. Gradually you will be able to cultivate faith in yourself, and this will become an inner force that will help you.

Be conscious

Awareness is now claimed by all psychologists, coaches, and business coaches. They do it for a reason because this trait affects our lives, and most importantly it can be easily developed. Awareness is the understanding of one’s goals at a given moment in time, as well as in the future. This means that every day does not pass just like that, but on the contrary – the days pass closer to a certain goal. A person who understands what and why he is doing in his life is transformed. There is a clear understanding of ourselves and our lives, and as a result, it makes us stronger and more confident.

Accept yourself

All people are imperfect. And this imperfection must be learned to accept, both in themselves and in others. Failed to succeed in a particular case? You can try again, taking into account the experience gained. But the main thing is not to blame yourself for mistakes and failures. Just take it as a lesson and then move on to the goal without criticism and self-indulgence. This rule especially applies to appearance. There are two solutions to the problem. First, you can make an effort to change what you don’t like. And the second: to accept yourself. But in the first case, it is important to use the acceptance of their appearance and shortcomings. Otherwise, dissatisfaction with one will be replaced by dissatisfaction with something else.

Do not depend on the opinion of others

The desire to look better than you really are does not lead to the expected result. It is impossible to please everyone. But when people see a person as real, without masks and lies, they appreciate his uniqueness, character, dignity, and even shortcomings. And it is easier for us when we do not need to wear a mask and we can be ourselves. Even if a person is overwhelmed by bad emotions, it is better not to hide them under a feigned smile. It’s much easier to say what’s really bothering you. Otherwise, people will notice the fake and you will feel bad because of this game to the public.

Be whole

When we think one thing, say another, and do a third, we ourselves are torn by contradictions. While inner harmony can be achieved only if thoughts and actions coincide. The absence of internal contradictions is especially useful for ourselves. You will not be able to change your opinion, adjusting to the opinion of the majority, only if you develop the above habits.

Be open

Openness is a trait of a self-confident person. How much we open up to other people determines what part of our lives we are willing to show. Only a strong-minded person can share his fears and experiences with others and is not afraid to express his opinion. This is not a role to be played, but a person’s sincere desire to be open. You also need to be able to trust people. This does not mean that you need to tell everyone in a row about your personal experiences. There is something that others can know, but there are things that can only be trusted by those closest to you.

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