6 signs of mental health

The importance of health in the life of every person and society is becoming increasingly important today.

Its issues in modern society are considered in the context of the environment, socioeconomic status, working and living conditions, lifestyle.

Today we will not consider any mental pathologies, in the field of our attention will be a person who is considered healthy, but often suffers from stress and negative emotions.

“Health is a condition for the harmonious development of man and at the same time an indicator of the level of socio-economic development of society.” OM Anokhin
A psychologically healthy person is, first of all, a spontaneous and creative person, cheerful and cheerful, open, and one who knows himself and the world around him not only with his mind but also with his feelings and intuition. She fully accepts herself and at the same time recognizes the value and uniqueness of the people around her. Such a person puts the responsibility for his life primarily on himself and receives lessons from adverse situations.

Her life is full of meaning, although she does not always formulate it for herself. It is in constant development and, of course, contributes to the development of other people. Her life path may not be easy, and sometimes quite difficult, but she adapts to rapidly changing living conditions. And what is important – he knows how to be in a situation of uncertainty, trusting what will happen to her tomorrow. Thus, we can say that the “key” word to describe mental health is the word “harmony”, or “balance”. And above all, it is a harmony between the various components of the man himself: emotional and intellectual, physical and mental, and so on.

Because the end result of a highly developed person is psychological well-being, it is necessary to know the basic components of mental health and well-being for integrated development. There are only six of them.

1. The first and most important component is accepting yourself as a person worthy of respect. This is a central sign of a person’s mental health.
2. A person’s ability to maintain positive, warm, trusting relationships with others. People with such qualities have a higher potential for love and friendship.
3. Autonomy is the independence and ability of a person to regulate his behavior from within, rather than waiting for praise or self-esteem from others. It is the ability that a person may not adhere to collective beliefs, superstitions, and fears.
4. Ecological skill – the ability of a person to actively choose and create their own environment that corresponds to his psychological living conditions.
5. The presence of purpose in life – confidence in the purpose and meaning of life, as well as activities aimed at achieving this goal.
6. Self-improvement – to achieve the characteristics described above, it is important to develop your own potential. That is, there must be a need to realize themselves and their abilities. An important aspect of the attitude to oneself as a person capable of self-improvement is also openness to new experiences.
By and large, mental health depends on the state of our body, mind, and social environment.

Always be in a good mood. Smiles and laughter are also indicators of health, stability, success in life, and business. It is easier to overcome troubles with them.

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