6 Things a dad should teach children by example

6 Things a dad should teach children by example

Children adore dads and try to repeat everything they do. Parents have a great influence on kids, so we chose 6 things that dad should show to children.

1. Help around the house

When a father insists on sharing household responsibilities, he sets an excellent example for the children. The standard division into men’s and women’s household chores is no longer relevant due to the shift in gender roles. When children see their father washing the dishes or preparing dinner, they adopt the father’s vision of household chores, and this affects what kind of people the children will grow up with. Children who see their father helping their mother around the house are more likely to follow his example now and in their old age.

2. Show love to mom

Psychologist Amy McCready says that by showing affection for his wife, the father shows the children what a healthy relationship looks like. When children see mom and dad hugging, holding hands, kissing, they feel safe at home and surrounded by love. Children who see love from their parents will know how to behave in future relationships.

3. Play games with children

One of the most important things a father can do for a child is to play his games. Not in adults and serious, but those that children play. Yes, dad is a little old enough for some fun, but if it’s interesting to his child, you need to spend time on such games. This is very important for the baby.

4. Solve problems

No matter what Dad does: mow the lawn, fix the faucet, and so on, he solves the problem. The children watch as the father does some work to solve the problem. And that’s a valuable lesson they won’t learn from the iPad.

5. Say “no” and stand your ground

Despite the fact that dads should play with their children and be a source of fun, raising children is a medal with two sides. A firm “no” when the situation requires it is a great educational technique and strengthens respect for the father.

6. Discipline with love and respect

There are many ways to teach a child discipline. Regardless of the method, the father needs to teach children to order with love and respect. For children, this is a signal: despite the seriousness of the situation, the father still loves us.

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