6 Things in a relationship that a wise woman does not tolerate

6 things in a relationship that a wise woman does not tolerate

It is believed that a wise woman can understand many things, forgive, and even close her eyes to something. Of course, it is very noble to allow a person to remain himself.

But there are things that a woman who considers herself smart and mature will not allow in her life. Because such a woman respects, first of all, herself and her personal space.

1. Humiliation

There is a category of men who like to assert themselves at the expense of women who are in a relationship with them. These men can easily offend not only by word but also by action. A wise woman stops any attempts to assert herself at her own expense – she will not tolerate any insults or humiliation. Wise women usually do this: they warn once, and if the gentleman has not heard them or did not want to hear, say goodbye to him.

2. Frivolity

What is the recklessness of an adult? This is when she is unable to understand the consequences of certain actions when she does not keep her word and can not be relied on in anything. A wise woman understands that such a man suffers from infantilism and it makes no sense to trust him because he himself is not responsible for his actions. It is possible to have a relationship with such a subject, and many women tolerate such frivolous men for years, trying to raise them to be normal adults. A wise woman understands that a husband’s upbringing should not be done by his wife.

3. Tyranny

Nature has created men and women differently. Man is a hunter, his goal is to appropriate a woman. But to appropriate does not mean to enslave. Unfortunately, not all men understand this, so they allow themselves not just to humiliate and insult their women, they literally tyrannize, restrict their freedom. For example, they forbid communication with friends and relatives. And all this is hidden under the guise of love and jealousy.

But unfortunately, this behavior of a man has nothing to do with love. A wise woman realizes in time that a man is behaving inappropriately and tries to limit her personal space by constantly interfering in it, so she quickly puts an end to such a relationship before it is too late.

4. Dependence

A smart woman knows that fighting a man who has some kind of addiction is useless. No matter how many promises a person is obsessed with drunkenness, gambling, or drugs, he cannot be trusted. And he must be treated, and not himself, and not because the woman insists on it, drags him to the doctors, does not sleep at night, serves him, works so that he had something to drink, use drugs, or play. The wisdom is to realize that living with such a person is a hell to escape before it is too late.

5. Parasitism

Modern women earn well, can provide for themselves, their children, and even a man who sits on her neck and searches for himself without success. Of course, this is a woman’s personal choice, because today many couples have changed roles: she works, he takes care of the children and the house. But if a woman thinks that this should not be the case in her family, she will not tolerate a lazy person in her house.

6. Betrayal

Of course, this concept is individual: for some women, betrayal is betrayal, for others, it is not. They allow their husband to have a mistress and do not suffer from it. Every wise woman has her own principles, which she does not violate. And if a woman faces betrayal by her husband, no matter how she finds expression, she says goodbye to him in most cases.

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