6 Tips to help you sleep

6 Tips to help you sleep

Insufficient sleep negatively affects the duration and quality of life.

Hygiene in preparation for sleep helps to generate signals that will give the brain command to rest. Here are some tips that will improve the quality of your sleep:

Adjust the lighting scheme. In the morning and evening, we are surrounded by different spectra of sunlight: cold and warm, respectively. Thanks to the spectrum, the brain understands – it’s time to wake up or fall asleep. A few hours before bedtime it is to put off gadgets: they glow with cold light and send the wrong signal to the brain. The solution is to give them up at bedtime or switch the screens to night mode.

Finish training, eating, and drinking a few hours before bedtime. The half-life of caffeinated beverages is 6 hours. It is better to drink them in the morning. Alcohol makes it easier to fall asleep, but in the morning sleep becomes sensitive and people often wake up. Alcohol should be consumed 5-6 hours before bedtime. Training is associated with individual circadian rhythms. The general recommendation is to train at least 2 hours before bedtime.

Make a plan in case you can’t fall asleep. Connect brebetterathing relaxation techniques. An effective method of body scanning. While staying in bed, pay attention to each point from the occipital crown to the tips of your toes and relax.

Hot shower – and a cool room. Shortly before bedtime, take a warm shower or bath and go to bed in a cool room. You yourself must stay warm. This contrast will help you fall asleep because thermoregulation during wakefulness and sleep are different.

Debug the mode. You need to go to bed and wake up at the same time every day. A common mistake is to get some sleep on the weekends. This creates a social jet lag.

Find your point of inspiration. This is the moment when you demonstrate the greatest efficiency and enthusiasm for the process. The point of inspiration will tell you your chronotype. This will help determine the correct time to fall asleep and wake up. Finding a point of inspiration, you can build a schedule around it and work more productively.

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