7 Benefits of traveling by yourself

7 Benefits of traveling by yourself

If you are hesitant to go somewhere alone or not, then do not even think, but just pack up and go for new experiences. Because the best company you can go somewhere with is yourself.

Usually, when we plan a trip, we try to attract as many friends as possible. But not everyone is always free when you, or just do not want to go. And in such cases we have our hands down, we feel abandoned and useless. But why not pack a suitcase and go somewhere yourself? Why thoughts “What will others think of me? How will I be myself? ” so important? After all, the main thing is that you have a good time, and if there are no acquaintances around, it does not mean that it will be sad and uninteresting.

Becca Warner, 27, argues otherwise. From time to time she travels alone and sees nothing wrong with that.

Today we offer to read Becky’s opinion and explanations about such trips.

When you travel alone, people react differently. But usually, they can be divided into two groups:

1. Those who find it amazing and fun! They look at you with wide eyes and wait for the story.

2. Those who do not understand why to do so, and their reaction looks something like this: “Really? Do you travel alone? Why?”. They raise their eyebrows, a look of disbelief on their faces, they think you’re weird. However, both points have a right to exist because they are to some extent correct. So why travel alone? Read these 7 little points, especially if you are in the 2nd group.

1. You can do everything the way you want
You can wander. Stand. Go. Change your mind. Follow your whims. You do not need to pay attention to someone’s preferences, needs or feelings, and balance them with your own. You can be selfish and not feel guilty about it. For most adults, who are usually surrounded by children, friends, parents, colleagues – this is a huge luxury.

2. You can see yourself from the side
When there is no one around who knows you, it is as if you are in your own space. You are not influenced by group norms, rules, other people’s experiences, which already guide you every day.

3. In fact, friends are everywhere
People are always more willing to approach someone who is alone to strike up a conversation. They are ready to spend time with you, tell you something interesting, etc. In any case, the probability that this will happen to you if you are with friends is very small.

4. You have a chance to see the kindness of strangers
To see the goodness of humanity, you need to be vulnerable. As soon as you need something, you do not know where to go next or what to do, there will always be a stranger who will be ready to help you.

5. You will perceive the world better
Other people are distracting. And although being connected to someone is one of the greatest joys of life, only in solitude, walking the streets of the city or along the beaches in silence, you can perceive much more, really realize what is happening around you. And in this case, the color scheme will be brighter.

6. It’s scary
Yes, sometimes it’s scary. For example, if you have lost something or if you do not know the language of the country in which you are. But just when you leave the comfort zone and try something new, you feel that you are alive.

7. You understand what you are capable of
Understanding that you don’t need anyone but yourself is a source of internal reserves. Other people, those who help in difficult situations, are an added bonus for which you should be grateful. But a calm voice that says “Everything will be fine” is the best gift that will remind you why you are doing this.

Don’t forget, there will always be some awkward moments. After all, you will have to take a picture of yourself at the top of the waterfall, or you will get lost, or be left without a penny in your pocket, or just have a bad day, and next to no familiar soul. But these difficult moments are the cause of everything that should be important to you.

And these 7 reasons should push you into the embrace of adventure. So, if you have always treated people from the 2nd group, look at these points again, and understand that there is no better company than yourself!

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