There are thousands of beaches in the world. Objectively, it is almost impossible to choose the best, because everyone has their advantages.

Some people like sand, while others like pebbles, trendy beach bars, and crowds of beautiful people in bikinis or within a radius of a few kilometers of any civilization, and of living beings only mollusks and shells. We studied the guides and chose seven beaches that somehow earned the right to be called the best beaches in the world.

Anse Lazio (Seychelles)

In Seychelles, you should try to find an ugly beach, but one of the best is considered to be Anse Lazio. It is located in the northwest of the island of Praslin, where soft white sand, a picturesque bay is formed by huge boulders and dense vegetation, and the beauty of events and dawns will not convey any filter on Instagram. The water is clean and almost transparent, so this place is very popular with divers.

Camps Bay (South Africa)

On the shores of the Atlantic Ocean among the majestic mountains is a magnificent sandy beach. With the infrastructure on this wide shore, all is well: there is a rental of sunbeds and umbrellas, cafes and restaurants of varying degrees of high cost, and rental of equipment for water entertainment. The latter is especially important because of the great waves in the ocean, and even if you have never stood on a board, you will probably want to try. Surfers and picnickers come here all year round. The water in the ocean is quite cold, but for heat-loving tourists, there is a pool carved right into the rocks.

Porto Katsiki (Greece)

Porto Katsika Beach (“Port Goats” – translated from Greek) on the island of Lefkada is regularly included in the top lists of the most beautiful beaches in the country and Europe. Once upon a time, only shepherds wandered behind these goats that fought off the herd, and today it is one of the most attractive places for tourists in Greece. This beach is loved for its clean sandy shore and leafy views of the white limestone cliffs that frame the bay. So despite the small size, the people here are always quite a lot, especially in season.

Fig Three (Cyprus)

This beach in the Cypriot resort of Protaras is one of the twenty best beaches in the world. There used to be a fig tree here, today there is only one tree left, but there is a Blue Flag. Yellow sand and shallow sea make this place ideal for relaxing with children. There are always a lot of vacationers, and for lovers of solitude, there are many small bays. It has all the infrastructure, including free Wi-Fi and facilities for tourists with disabilities. Of particular note are the coastal restaurants with excellent Mediterranean cuisine and underwater caves, which can be seen if you get tired of lying down.

Basque Coast (France)

Not far from the Spanish border is a favorite beach of French and Spanish surfers. The wide sandy coast of the Bay of Biscay attracts, first of all, fans to catch the wave: there are stormy currents, thanks to which in the ’50s this place became the capital of European surfing. On days when the waves are especially high, swimming is not very convenient and safe, but you can enjoy the views of the rocky scenery, visible in the Pyrenees and beautiful extreme surfers. Surfers come here all year round, and in the summer on the beach of Côte de Basque is a festival and surfing competition.

Sunset, Hawaii

The beaches of Hawaii often appear in movies and videos as a picture of a beautiful and carefree life. However, in reality, they are just like that: the sun, the ocean, ice cocktails, and surfers. Sunset Beach is located on one of the most developed islands in terms of infrastructure – Oahu. It is relatively small – only about 3 km in length, but there are always many vacationers. Locals and tourists love this beach for its fine white sand and unusual beauty of the water: depending on the time of day, it changes its color from sky blue to bright red. You can swim here all year round, but the best waves are in winter, then the beach is occupied by surfers, and at other times you can swim safely.

Banana (Thailand)

This beach in Phuket with a “sweet” name is also called “hidden beach”. Once it really hid in the shade of coconut palms and was not accessible to most tourists, but today the road is paved here. There are wonderful views and the cleanest water, which is why both locals and tourists come here. The infrastructure is not rich, but it is more a plus than a minus: the original beauty of these places has been preserved. Conveniences include sunbeds and umbrellas and snorkeling equipment. There are no cheap snack bars, which abound in popular Thai resorts, but right on the beach, there is a very nice restaurant where they cook wonderful seafood dishes.

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