7 Characteristics of a Wise Woman

7 Characteristics of a Wise Woman

We are eager to investigate if we are faced with a difficult situation. We may turn to Google or text our pals for assistance.

There are a lot of voices and points of view out there. Whatever counsel we come across, we must ask ourselves, “Is this divine wisdom?” Is this the proper course of action? Sometimes the advice we hear simply adds to the difficulty of making a decision.

Thankfully, the Bible explains what genuine wisdom is. Although the Bible does not handle all of life’s complexities or every situation, it does provide principles for recognizing the path that pleases God — the path of righteousness, peace, and life.

God’s Word not only guides us in making good decisions but also teaches us how to be wise women. Whether you’re given advise or want to provide it to others, check it against the Bible to determine whether the words are from above. Along with Proverbs’ wisdom, James 3 teaches us a lot about how to be wise and what to seek in a counselor.

“For there will be anarchy and every evil behavior where envy and selfish ambition abound. 17 But divine knowledge is pure first, then peaceful, mild, open to reason, full of kindness and good fruits, impartial, and honest. 18 And those who make peace plant a harvest of righteousness in peace.” (ESV). Many of these qualities of knowledge, interestingly, correspond to what God says He wants for women in other chapters of Scripture, such as 1 Peter 3, Titus 2, and Philippians 4.

Let’s take a closer look at the traits mentioned by James.

What Isn’t Wisdom
When a viewpoint is not from the Lord, one red flag will always appear the flag of selfishness.

Someone – or even your own emotions – may nudge you to prioritize your own interests over those of others. To put your own desires ahead of God’s. However, this route leads to sin — to spiritual decay and death – not to the Spirit.“For it is death to place one’s attention on the body, but it is life and peace to set one’s mind on the Spirit.” 8:6 in Romans“For where envying and conflict are, there is confusion and every evil work,” James 3:16 says in the King James Version.

Strife inside ourselves to have our way, to seek our own benefit over the good of others, leads to strife on the outside. It just adds to the uncertainty. When we tell our hearts or someone else to choose ourselves above God, we are causing “disorder.” Why? Because such a route is almost certainly contrary to God’s Word…

To be a wise woman, we must center our decisions, motives, and actions on Christ and His Kingdom, not on ourselves. Not the entire globe. In James 3:16, the phrase “selfish ambition” originates from the Greek word erythema, which refers to a person who promotes himself in court at the expense of another or at the expense of peace. It is a person who incites dissent and has no concern for the common good.

The difference is clear when we go on to James 3 verses 17 and 18. God is the wellspring of true wisdom. As a result, it exemplifies God’s purity. The holiness of God. The love of God. Because they’re all linked to God’s character, many of the traits overlap.

1. What is Wisdom? 1. It is unadulterated wisdom.

A wise woman’s advice tells it as it is and searches out what is ethically correct.

2. Tranquillity

A wise woman looks for what contributes to “mutual upbuilding” (Romans 14:19) and Christlikeness for all, rather than what causes conflict.

3. Compassionate

A smart woman does not impose her viewpoint, press too hard, or start a fight, but instead offers advice with patience, respect, and elegance (Titus 3:2).

4. Reasonableness

A smart lady thinks about everything. She does not leap to conclusions, but instead listens carefully and willingly obeys authority and follows common sense.

5. Abundant in Mercy and Fruitful

A smart lady is quick to provide sympathy and kindness, especially to those who are disadvantaged, struggling, or unworthy. Her guidance bears good fruit in the lives of those who follow it – what is excellent, beneficial, respectable, and pleasurable.

6. Unbiased

A wise woman’s counsel is free of underlying motivations or personal prejudice, as well as any hints of deception or malice. It is unwavering in its commitment to God’s Word.

7. Honesty

A smart lady offers counsel that is not just objective, but also sincere. She wants to love, and she wants to love really, without being phony or hypocritical. Her advice is founded on the firm Rock of Scripture, not on her personal desires or sentiments.

“Let true love reign supreme. Abhor evil and cling on to what is right.” 12:9 in Romans

What an impressive list! It makes me want to pray because I know how easily I fall short when it comes to making decisions or guiding people.

Thank you, Lord, for providing us with a great example in Jesus!

He was all of these things and more, imparting divine knowledge to His followers, the multitudes, and even the Pharisees without being self-serving. He was stern when required, but always gave advice that led to God via his deeds and words. May we remember these attributes of His anytime we need knowledge or want to be a wise lady.

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