7 Facts about human psychology

7 Facts about human psychology

1. Rule 7 ± 2. It turns out that our short-term memory is able to hold only 5 to 9 information blocks at a time. This means that we, for example, can remember no more than 9 digits, and only for 20-30 seconds. If we do not repeat the information regularly, it will soon leave no trace of it in our heads.

2. A person can focus on the maximum level for only 7 minutes. No matter how interested you are in the current question, you will be able to listen carefully to the interlocutor for no more than 7 minutes in a row, then you will have counter-questions and thoughts on other topics.

3. According to the observations of psychologists, most people spend 30% of their time in dreams. These can be reflections on your future, an idea of ​​the possible outcome of events. This pastime is useful: dreamers floating in the clouds have more developed imaginations and better cope with the task because they can easily come up with several solutions.

4. It takes an average of 60 days for a person to acquire a habit, no matter whether it is harmful or useful. This is how long it takes for the ritual to take root in ordinary life.

5. A person cannot have a large number of friends. Psychologists claim that thousands of people on social networks are just an illusion of the circle of communication. In fact, a person tends to have friendly relations only with people in the number of 50-150 people.

6. Food, sex, and danger – these are the three things that will always attract people’s attention because of the importance of their instincts. Have you noticed that it is rare for a person to be able to walk past the scene of an accident without stopping or trying to see what happened there? The reason is simple: since ancient times a person has an interest in what you can eat to stay full and healthy, with whom you can breed to procreate, what to avoid to survive.

7. Expectation and inaction make a person nervous, so in such situations, it is recommended to engage in reading or watching the news in newspapers or on the tablet, so as not to spoil the mood over the little things.

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