7 False beliefs about money

7 false beliefs about money

7 Misconceptions About Money

1. The first misconception – big money comes only through hard work. If this statement is stuck in your head, you will spend your whole life doing hard work and receive a meager salary. With this installation, you block the possibility of making big money for yourself. In fact, making big money is very easy – you just need to let this thought into your mind and turn your mind to make it!

2. The second misconception is – money is not the main thing in life. And this statement prevents you from letting money into your life, and with it happiness! Believe me, money is a very great value! With money, you can get all the pleasures that life gives us and give happiness to your loved ones.

3. The third misconception – money spoils a person. If you think so – you are fundamentally wrong. All millionaires and billionaires are smart and self-sufficient people. They have much less evil than angry homeless people or alcoholics.

4. No less dubious is the fourth statement – honest work will not earn money. On the contrary, this is how huge fortunes are earned. A useful business needed by people always brings a lot of money to its founder.

5. The fifth misconception about money is that it is a shame to be rich when there are so many beggars around us. On the contrary, it is nice to be rich! You can afford to travel, enjoy life, and take care of your loved ones. And the fact that most of the people around us are poor is just their fault. Each creator of his own destiny.

6. The sixth misconception about money – if you have money, you should save it for a “rainy” day. Why do that? On the contrary, you need to invest money in the business and then they will make even more money. And the “black” day will never come!

7. And, finally, the most common and most vile misconception – born a beggar, a beggar and die – do not resist fate! A great way to shift responsibility for your life to external circumstances. This is the opinion of those who do not want to do anything. In fact, as practice shows, most world-famous billionaires come from poor families.

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