7 Phrases that people with high self-esteem never say

7 Phrases that people with high self-esteem never say

Some people show insecurity by saying just a few words. If you want to look confident, work on your speech and avoid the following phrases:

1. “I’m sorry, I’m sorry, I’m sorry again”

Admitting that he was wrong and apologizing for real jambs is an important and necessary skill. But we often apologize for everything in a row, even in situations where we are not guilty of anything.

2. “Probably” / “I think” / “It’s true, but not true”

And “probably”, “like”, “maybe”, “if I’m not mistaken” and so on. In the field of SEO, these words and phrases are called “stop words”, they are ruthlessly removed from the texts because they have no meaning. If you also use them often, try to control your vocabulary. After all, insecure people choose such words as an excuse in case their position on an issue turns out to be wrong, erroneous.

3. “Is it possible?”

Well, we are not at school, and you are no longer a child who says goodbye to his mother for a walk. When the phrase begins with the word “you can”, you want to shout: “You can not!” If you want to be confident, use it as rarely as possible.

4. “Here I am a fool/fool, fat/fat, clumsy”

Sometimes we use derogatory vocabulary about ourselves to smooth over a situation where something is said or done wrong. Such a move ahead. But, as water sharpens a stone, so daily, even small insults to the address will strengthen belief in the otherness, lacks, insignificance. In addition, phrases built on this pattern show the environment that you do not value yourself very much.

5. “Yes, of course, the same second”

You are always ready and agree to everything: first of all to fulfill the task with which the colleague came, although he himself has priorities; to sit with a sick cat girlfriend, although going to the movies, etc. Well, how to refuse here!

But let’s be honest: you do it because you’re afraid to look like a bad person. You’re scared. You do not have the confidence that you can be valued for something else, so put yourself in an awkward position, step over your desires and sacrifice your own comfort. Don’t let people break your boundaries, defend yourself, learn to say no. After all, you are valuable, your time is valuable.

6. “Oh, well, you’re flattering me, I just washed my head (s)”

Inability to accept compliments, the desire to belittle their achievements – a clear sign of low self-esteem. For example, you did a great job and the boss praised you, to which you respond as if justifying yourself: “It turned out the same way, and Vasya helped a little.” Or a colleague’s remark that you look great is reflected: “Oh, nothing special, just washed your head and borrowed a dress from your sister.”

7. “I can’t, I can’t”

This is an excuse, and an excuse is bad. Even worse, if it becomes your life setting. It doesn’t happen “I can’t because I can’t”, there is “I can’t, because I’m afraid I can’t, I don’t want to study”. This phrase also shows your insecurity and destroys many prospects in your life and career.

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