7 signs of a holistic personality

A self-sufficient person is a holistic personality who fully owns his own resources: psychological, material, moral, and others.

There are enough of them. A self-sufficient person does not need to ask for something, to demand from other people. If other people voluntarily give love, attention, support, communication – it is important and necessary for a self-sufficient person. And she answers the same because she has the resources to love, support each other, thank… And if others do not give something, such a person will do it on their own. And will not beg.

It’s like having abundance – a person has abundance; she will be happy for a gift or a treat. But even without them, he will not disappear, he will not beg. She can buy what she needs. She is not hungry. Not poor. She has everything at home. And there is a house.

So it is the self-sufficient people who are not left alone. They tolerate temporary solitude normally, do not cling to others, are able to exchange energy – and everyone needs them. Even if the period of loneliness is prolonged, a self-sufficient person will definitely find friends, loved ones, like-minded people, and get a good job. And personal “supplies” of energy will allow you to survive a difficult period and not “borrow” from others.

Signs of self-sufficiency are as follows:

• You do not get bored alone. You always have something to do. Sad, tedious boredom, which makes you immediately start calling or writing to friends and demanding to entertain yourself, you are unfamiliar. You even enjoy the opportunity to think, go about your business, read…

• You do not like to ask other people for something, you prefer to manage your resources. You know from childhood that begging for something is shameful. And there is no such desire. You already have or will have everything, you are sure of it

• You know the price. Even if you are attacked or criticized, you do not lose self-esteem. You are uncomfortable, it hurts, but self-esteem is burning and you do not accept other people’s evaluative judgments at your own expense. Insults hurt you but do not deprive you of self-respect

• You have your own resource: housing, livelihood, profession. Education. Life experience. If there is no material possibility to at least feed oneself, it is not self-sufficiency, of course, but its illusion.

• In the past, you have dealt with serious problems on your own without anyone’s help. There was simply no one to help…

• You have your own view of things. You value other people’s opinions, but you stick to your beliefs. You have your own value system.

• In any situation, you rely on yourself. You accept help, thank you, but try to do it on your own. And don’t pour your feelings on other people.

The lessons of life, from which we gain experience, make us self-sufficient. You can learn this, although the lessons are bitter.

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