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7 Techniques for self-motivation

7 Techniques for self-motivation

Loss of motivation can be an obstacle to your development and life in general. How to find the strength to move forward?

1. Cut off all the excess. You can cut anything – objects, contacts, activities. Even the banal general cleaning with the disposal of unnecessary and unnecessary items is also part of this stage.

2. Accept. Admit that you are tired, you have no desires, that such a strange stage in life has come, when it is not clear where to run and what to do. And most importantly – accept that this is normal. This happens to everyone.

3. Remember. And then – a little to remember: what once ignited you, what you wanted, what you reacted emotionally. And to remember what you definitely succeeded in and what you did. This is called the “technique of triumphs.”

4. Relax. It is likely that it is a quality organization of recreation and will be a motivational inclusion for you – when a completely demotivated person suddenly lights up in search of ideas, places, resources.

5. Switch. If suddenly rest is not available – switch to a non-standard and unfamiliar area. If you have always been involved only in sports – learn to draw, if only training – sign up for swimming.

6. Rethink. Conducting a competent introspection is still an effort. But if you have already recovered from previous techniques, a rethinking should take place. Here you can already try to understand the causes and consequences.

7. Involve. Now we are ready to accept additional resources, new projects, new people into our lives. This will give another wave of motivational charge. At this stage, review the plans and goals, adjust them, and rewrite them. And forward – to its new reality.

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