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8 Quotes from Ilona Maska about motivation, failures and opportunities

Ilona Maska

Elon Musk is a man of great talents. He works a lot and focuses on changing the world, he is an inspiration and motivation for many.

He has something to learn. His thoughts on business, development, and change will help inspire him to realize his ideas.

About failures

There are always failures. If you have no failures, then you are not innovative enough.

About the first step

The first step is to determine that this is possible; the opportunity itself is sure to come.

About hard work

You want to do everything you can as carefully as possible. Look for all mistakes and correct them. Look for negative feedback, especially from friends.

About motivation

If something is really important to you, even if all the odds are against you, you still have to do it.

About opportunities

Keeping “eggs in one basket” is normal as long as you control what happens in that basket.

About risks

There is a biased attitude towards risks. Everyone is trying too hard to cover their rear.

About starting a business

If you’re trying to start a business, it’s like baking cakes. You must have all the ingredients in the right proportions.

About changes

Some people don’t like change, but you have to accept change if the alternative is a disaster.

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