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It is believed that shops in the duty-free zone help to save well, and in part, this is, of course, true. However, there are goods that are not recommended to buy at the airport, because you not only do not save but also lose.

Well, how can you not be tempted by a bottle of branded perfume, and even at such a nice price? But the days when duty-free perfume prices were low are long gone. You will save a lot more if you go to a regular city store in the midst of discounts.

Margins on electronic goods at airports are unreasonably high. Buying will cost you less if you make it in a store or online. Of course, if your favorite headphones or charger are broken, you will have to be generous, but in this case, it is better to have spare devices.

High commission at airports makes currency exchange highly undesirable. It is best to do this at home or in the country of arrival.

Bottled water
The seller’s first rule is to “make money on what the customer can’t do without.” Everyone wants to drink, so many people are willing to pay an exorbitant amount for a bottle of plain water without gas.

It happens that the traveler mentions the need to buy cute trinkets for family and friends only at the airport. In order not to return empty-handed, he resorts to duty-free, where souvenirs are many times more expensive than in stores.

Judging by the price tags for ordinary sandwiches at the airport, for their preparation are not used medium-quality sausages, and elite sausage, which, unfortunately, is not the case. In order not to stay hungry, take care of the snack in advance.

Neck pillows
This product is bought at the airport quite often, which is quite understandable. But it is his popularity that leads to insane margins: sellers will not miss the chance to profit from travelers.

Printed products
Books and magazines help to fill time, and few people think of stocking up on a book in advance. And yet it is better to do just that because on newsstands your favorite magazine is much cheaper.