8 Thoughts of a man that his wife should know

8 Thoughts of a man that his wife should know

Men are not as simple as many women think. The fact that they do not know how to express their feelings does not mean that they do not have them. And when they still decide to express them, many women simply can not and are not ready to understand them.

But for a relationship to really work, women need to understand a few things that men can’t tell them about themselves:

1. Men equate love with respect. For them, it is the same. You cannot love and disrespect him. If he feels your respect, it is a confirmation of your love for him.

2. From the outside, your husband may seem strong, but inside he feels like a little scared boy.
He has so much responsibility – to become a “real man”, to provide for and protect his family, to always be strong – that it is unwise not to be afraid to do all this. But he hides his fears.

3. Most men don’t just want to provide for their family, it’s their need.
This is an evolutionary, instinctive part of his self-affirmation and fulfillment of his masculine role. Even if you earn enough and can be on par with him, give him a slight preference to be the main breadwinner.

4. Sometimes a man needs to back down before solving a problem.
Have you noticed how a man can get away from discussing a question that has just arisen? It’s just that his brain is arranged differently, he needs to think about everything himself first.

5. Lack of sex can cause a lack of confidence.
Your husband doesn’t just want sex, he wants you to want it. His self-confidence depends on it.

6. Men, even those who are happily married, can not help but notice attractive women.
And it does not depend on or affect your relationship, it is purely instinctive impulses.

7. Men are romantic, just show it differently.
Because of these differences, men often drop their hands simply because they do not know what romance means to you, what you want and how you see it. Just tell him straight.

8. Men do not care that you have gained a little extra weight if you continue to look after yourself and be confident in your body.
If you take care of your body – for him it is the same as you take care of him.

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