9 Signs that you are a smart woman

9 Signs that you are a smart woman

Signs of a smart woman. There are many signs of a wise woman. We think that everyone thinks so, but this is not always the case. In this article, we will talk about the signs of a smart woman.

Note that this is not a specific set of qualities that corresponds to each member of the fair sex. This is a fairly general concept because every woman develops according to a certain scheme. No two women are exactly alike.

Signs of a smart woman:

She is principled. This does not mean that there will be quarrels on any occasion. Indeed, life requires compromises as well as flexibility. But a wise woman can not be forced to do anything, she has her own personal opinion on every occasion. And she does not always express it. After all, to be one hundred percent right it does not make sense. She already knows what she thinks right, so it makes no sense to spend extra nerves on empty arguments and pointless conversations with opponents.

Another feature of a smart woman is style and uniqueness. Indeed, many women are chasing fashion, but a wise woman has long understood what she goes for, what clothes to the face, what style and color. Therefore, it tries to follow these trends. Following fashion, you can look pretty silly and wear things that are absolutely not suitable.

A smart woman does not depend on men, she does not consider it the only way to be realized as a woman. She does not have a goal to necessarily find the man of her dreams and realize herself as a woman in this regard. She is interested not only in men but also in friends, work, wants to happen in every sense of the word. Therefore, often wise women do not dedicate themselves exclusively to the family, they are fully developed, trying to keep up everywhere.

A smart woman is emotional, but at the same time, she is in no hurry to express her opinion, to show a bad mood to absolutely everyone. Yes, emotions can overwhelm her, she will never hide her bad mood, but no one will spoil it.

A smart woman does not lie to herself or others. She understands that if her husband does not call her, then he does not want to. And all these excuses about sudden meetings, business trips or departures, are really nothing more than a way of deception and reluctance to meet this woman.

A smart woman will never allow herself to be deceived. Therefore, she always tries to break off relationships that she does not need if they are not very comfortable. She will not tolerate a man just because she needs the appearance of a man next to her. Smart women never get married just because they need a stamp in their passport and are like everyone else. She really wants to find a decent man, respectively, will not be exchanged for trifles.

A smart woman is always perceptive, she sees that something is wrong in the relationship, or someone close to her is depressed by something, and she feels bad. Accordingly, she is always ready to offer her help, share the joy, and almost never envy. That is why she has many friends, good acquaintances, as well as perfect relationships in the family.

A smart woman knows how to forgive, but that doesn’t mean she can get on her head. But if a man stumbles, he will be forgiven. Because she understands that people are not perfect, they can be wrong. In addition, the woman lives in the present. That is, she never thinks about the past and a hundred times does not scroll in her head a situation and options for the development of events that could be. She understands that life is only in the present and the future. Accordingly, think of the past. Yes, it may be a pleasant memory, but she never lives in the past, but only in the future and present. This is its main advantage.

She is very harmonious, so it is difficult to get mad. Despite her emotionality and openness, this woman understands how to behave in society and what to do to please others. In addition, she values ​​her free time, and will not allow herself to rest in the club until late if she knows that tomorrow morning she will get up early and go to work. She understands that she will be elevated, and this working day will be difficult for her. Yes, it is necessary to break away sometimes, but not to the detriment of their own health and mood.

She always remains a woman, despite all these qualities. She loves the little things and the little things that all women adore. These are flowers, movies, courtship, pleasant evenings, and gatherings with friends. Despite all the rigidity inside, it is quite soft and emotional. According to it, you can watch melodramas and cry together.

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