9 Tips on raising children from Mother Teresa

9 Tips on raising children from Mother Teresa

All parents are sure that they know how to raise their children but still ask for advice on how to behave in a given situation.

And rightly so. After all, you do not have to implement all the recommendations: choose the best of the best – and build your model of raising a baby. Little by little from grandmothers, pediatricians, psychologists, and just wise people. Mother Teresa, although she did not have children of her own, became a real mother to many children – orphans, young invalids, babies from garbage cans.

Tips from Mother Teresa:

1. Pay attention to what you say to the child. Often adults do not control their statements carefully enough when communicating with their children. Sometimes some parents call a child incompetent, stupid, lazy. It is with these words that they often lose children. Under this suggestion, after a while, the children really become incompetent, lazy, and not interested in anything.

2. It is not necessary to frighten the child with police, monsters, wolves. It will not make her any better or smarter.

3. Educate your child by setting a perfect example. Children are not at all interested in your instructions and notations. They want to see their parents’ actions, not listen to their words.

4. In any situation, try to be on top in the eyes of your child. You should not flaunt your weaknesses and shortcomings. When parents allow their offspring to see their weaknesses, children begin to worry that they have no one to rely on anymore.

5. Do not quarrel in front of children. Every child feels small and weak, and he needs undeniable authority and protector. Support, both physical and psychological, the baby seeks from parents. And if he sees quarrels, deception, and dishonesty, he feels lost and grows a rebel. This is the cause of many tragedies in the family and society.

7. Do not use physical force on a child. As a last resort (if she really deserved it) you can easily slap her ass, but not hard! Never punish your child when you are angry. In his memory, you will leave the impression of hatred and anger, not justice. If you want to raise your son properly, he must feel parental justice when he is punished.

8. Never let a child see your evil or hostile look. She will quickly forget the slap on the ass, but will never forget the look full of hatred and anger. Punishment should not take place because you have lost patience, but in order to let the child know that there are rules (for his own good), that must be followed.

9. The child must trust and obey the parents indefinitely. This is one of the basic rules of raising children in a friendly and loving family.

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