All about modern methods of tattoo removal

All about modern methods of tattoo removal

When your computer suddenly displays a “404 error” screen, you realize that a failure has occurred and closed this window.

When you can’t draw the perfect arrows on your eyelids, you’ll wash off your makeup. And when a fashionable tiger tattoo on the ankle at 17, becomes an obstacle to getting a solid position at 24? What to do if you have the inscription on your wrist “Forever yours, Nicodemus”, and you got married, you already got together for Slavik? In general, the question on the agenda: how to remove a tattoo?

Tested a sad experimental way to remove tattoos is more painful, more expensive, and longer than applying them. But it is possible. To understand how to remove a tattoo, you need to understand the mechanics of its application. The needles of the tattoo machine, penetrating into the layers of the skin, introduce a color pigment. It turns out that it is necessary to damage the skin, to destroy the layer in which the paint is fixed. And what will happen to the area of ​​skin from which the picture was made? Unfortunately, the use of barbaric methods to remove tattoos from the skin contributes to the appearance of scars, burns, scars, or pigment spots.

Ways to remove tattoos

Let’s immediately divide all people with tattoos into desperate and sensible. Then announce that there are two ways:

• Long and cheap – everyone is desperate, trying to wash and bleach tattoos at home.
• Less long and expensive – everyone, sensible, understands that it is better to go to the salon, to professionals. It may hurt, but then it won’t be a shame.
• We have collected many options for home ways to get a tattoo, but they are all so scary that to write even with the prefix “do not do we will not. Just be ignorant of what the Slavic people are capable of. The most harmful thing that owners of unsuccessful tattoos do is iodine bleaching:

For three weeks, the tattoo site is wiped three times a day with 5% iodine, and at night the treated skin is lubricated with healing ointments (which are used after burns, for example). What’s going on? Iodine burns and a gradual layer-by-layer death and peeling of the skin. In this case, the area is not protected from infections, and it can not be bandaged. Unfortunately, the method does not help to get rid of homemade tattoos (there are different depths of pigment). Moreover, depending on the reaction of the skin and its type, you can get a pigment spot instead of a tattoo.

In other cases, manganese, alkalis, and other aggressive substances provoke a chemical burn of the skin, in the hope that healing, will go down with the tattoo. Unfortunately, scars and scars in memory of such an experience are guaranteed. Don’t risk your health, go to the professionals.

Salon tattoo removal services

The salon will offer you several options for working with unwanted patterns on the skin. They can be painful, but are often safe and lead to a satisfactory result. Common methods of tattooing in the salon:

Modern laser removal is the effect of the laser on the molecules of the pigment, their lightening, without disturbing the skin (the method of selective photoactivation). Expensive and long – at once the laser tattoo will not remove, but this procedure is still the only one that leaves the skin intact. Mechanical tattoo removal. A special device (cutter) will remove the skin from the tattoo. Working under anesthesia, heals for a long time, painfully, the scar will remain depending on the level of professionalism of the master.

Painting a tattoo. The method they say: “wedge by wedge is knocked out. You will get a tattoo again, an old tattoo. But now use special formulations that affect the existing pigment, and then paint the tattoo, a pigment in the tone of your skin. When considering the modifications that can be made to your body, many consider piercings in addition to tattoos. Existing types of piercings, like tattoos, make it possible to stand out from the crowd, but, if desired, most of its types are easier to hide.

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