An effective way to punish a child without shouting and reproach

An effective way to punish a child without shouting and reproach

A capricious child is normal. A child’s disobedience is a completely natural way of expressing one’s will and desires.

Even babies express dissatisfaction, starting to shout loudly when they are dressed, the two-year-old roars at the whole store to buy him a toy.

Most parents are simply lost when confronted with their child’s behavior, which goes against their notion of obedience. Some use radical methods – shouting, threats, and even corporal punishment, some try to persuade, and in the end, still give way to a wayward child, others have long educational conversations. Usually, these methods do not bring effective results, and the baby either completely ignores the request of the parents or deliberately does everything for evil. How to behave when all the methods have already been tested, and the stubborn kid, as if not hearing, continues to play a computer game or bully his younger brother?

A new way of punishing that works better than shouting

Today, a form of soft punishment called time-out is widely used in the West. This method allows you to show the child parental authority while showing calm. Time-out is the isolation of a child from society for a while. The child should not communicate with anyone during this period. Neither with parents nor with friends by phone or through social networks. Options for timeouts can be different, the most common – is to take the child to the room, and pre-removing from it all the iPad, phones, Internet, and TVs. You can leave books and toys. It is important that the child stays with himself and in silence during this time, ie at this time no one talks to her and does not answer her questions.

Why does the timeout work

It is worth remembering that a time-out is not just a threat, but a real punishment, just then the baby will learn a valuable lesson from it. You do not need to wait for the child to sit humbly in the room and think about their behavior. It is possible that the child will cry, go crazy, and throw things. The main thing for parents is not to give up, otherwise, there will be no sense in such a punishment.

What are the benefits of timeout? At this point, the baby is alone indoors and he has the opportunity to immerse himself and think well. In fact, the child’s ability to feel and perceive the environment is sharpened, which will help him rethink his behavior. Used correctly, time-out is an extremely effective method, but it should be considered as a last resort in case you have already tried all other methods. The only exception is when your child behaves aggressively.

An improved version of the timeout – reflection and relaxation

Some parents find this method too harsh and strict. That’s why one mother said that a time-out for her son is an opportunity to reflect and relax. The woman made a soothing corner where she sends the child when she is too tense and disobedient. In this place, there are soft pillows, kinetic sand, soothing pictures, and anti-stress items.

Regulating your emotions and feelings is an important skill of modern man, children need to be taught this. Emotional self-regulation and stress relief – that’s what a child does in this soothing corner. Every adult should have a place where he can come and calm down, to learn not to break down, not to shout, and not to fall into a state of anger. This is relevant both at home and at work. And for children – especially. The child must have such a sacred place, his lair, in which he has the right to be safe.

Each parent chooses which parenting style to choose for their child. However, it is the time-out method that combines effectiveness, demonstration of parental authority, and the ability to influence your child without aggressive punishments.

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